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Warung Lele Restaurant (Shenton Way)

AsianHalalIndonesianMalayMalay / Indonesian
Waung Lele serves authentic Indonesian food like Lele Bakar, Pecel Lele, Sop Buntut, Sate Ayam, Cumi Bakar, Kangkong Sambal and many more mouth watering dishes. Set Menus and ala carte orders available. Fully air-conditioned with al fresco seating available.

Mon - Sat: 11:30 - 22:00

Closed: Sun

+65 64231552
$16 based on 14 submissions
Lunch (5 votes), Dinner (4 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (3 votes)
Anna Mae

Affordable Indonesian Food

Frequent this place for lunch time. The fried lele (cat fish) is always perfectly crispy! Pair it with yellow rice and chilli and you're in for a nice lunch. Great restaurant in the CBD area that is not so expensive. 

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10 Jun 2014 • 19 reviews • 2 followers

Affordable Indonesian Food

Frequent this place for lunch time. The fried lele (cat fish) is always perfectly crispy! Pair it with yellow rice and chilli and you're in for a nice lunch. Great restaurant in the CBD area that is not so expensive. 
29 Mar 2012 • 579 reviews • 22 followers

Cheap and good Indon food in the CBD

Read the full review at

By the time we arrived for lunch at 1.10pm, many of their popular dishes had run out, like the curry chicken (ayam kalio) and fried beancurd with egg (tahu telor). Ah well, we learnt that day that you really need to get to the restaurant before 12.50pm for lunch.

We had:

1) Sate Ayam ($7.50 for 6 sticks)- thick chunky pieces of juicy chicken meat

2) Ayam Bakar Bumbu Santan ($7.50) juicy cilandak homemade marinated BBQ chicken, drenched in a thick, paste-like sambal

3) Sayur Lodeh ($7) - rich, creamy and full-bodied

4) Sapi Lapis Surabaya ($8)- Jawa Timur style sliced dry beef rendang. This was just alright, not as fork-tender as I'd like, and a little dry on the inside. But the chili gravy was fantastic.

02 Dec 2011 • 1 review • 0 follower

Shouldn't have done Groupon promotion - Worst service ever!

I just went for dinner to Warung Lele as they had Groupon promotion, $15 for $30 value. It's 4 of us, 3 adults & 1 toddler.

The restaurant was really crowded with fellow Groupons users. The restaurant obviously couldn't handle the crowd at all. Service was HORRIBLE!

A few unpleasant instances:

1. The coupon states that it's 1 coupon for 3 pax, 2 coupons max. The waitress actually tried to tell me that I can only used 1 coupon. What about my toddler, isn't he a person? Until I point out the fact that they agreed to let me use both coupons.

2. I had to ask at least 5 times before water was served to us. I noticed that other customers had the same problems as well, having to ask repeatedly before being served. I understand that it's busy time, but this is really unacceptable bad service.

3. The coupon states that it's for dine in only, no takeaway. After we ordered more than $100 of food, there's a bit of left over. I ask the waitress to help me pack away the leftover, and rejected flatly by a NO - that this the Groupon condition. I had to actually speak to the manager / owner (not sure who he is), and he also told me NO at first, until I argue with him. Take away, and packing of leftover is not the same thing, and this is just such a waste of food. I understand that the condition is to prevent misuse of the coupons, but this is just ridiculous. I had used Groupon in many other places, and only treated this way in this restaurant.

4. Same thing for asking for the bill, had to ask at least 5 times, and had to wait 15 minutes before bill is finally settled.

5. The grilled fish served to us was burnt.

All in all, this is one of the worst experience I've ever had dining in a Groupon offered restaurang. If Warung Lele is not ready for Groupon, then they shouldn't have done it in the first place. I know after this Groupon experience, I'm not coming back to this place.

Such a pity, as the food is pretty good. The management should learn how to get repeat customers, instead of being so calculative at all times, it's very unpleasant.

Best food:

1. Sate Ayam

2. Ayam Bakar

3. The Grilled Fish is pretty good, but it's burnt terribly

4. Es Teler is really good.


12 Aug 2011 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Forget about bringing kids here

This is long overdue but I still wanna warn folks out there that this restaurant charges full buffet child price for even a 3-year-old toddler! I visited this restaurant many months ago to celebrate the birthday of a family member and there were about 12 of us in total. To keep her 3-year-old toddler occupied (so that the adults can enjoy a good meal together), my cousin gave her daughter a teeny amount of the food we had to pick at. Like most kids, my cousin's daughter obviously hardly ate any of the food but still we were made to pay the full buffet price for her. How absurd is that? This is absolutely not a child friendly place.
28 Jul 2011 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

A pleasant surprise nestled on Shenton Way

Warung Lele is one of those restaurants that has been quite under-rated (in my opinion, of course!). Considering that we were spoilt for choice in the area- we decided to give Indonesian cuisine a go this afternoon.

The food at Warung lele was outstanding. We tried the Java Mutton Curry- the flavours were exquisite. The karedok reminded me why we loved visiting Jakarta and enjoying the delicious food that the place has to offer (and not get bored of it). The belacan was also brilliant (if you like the spiciness of chillis).The Karedok is definately the best I have tasted in Singapore so far.

The staff were quite busy since the restaurant was packed to its gills. However, the service was good and the waiting staff quite friendly.

We'll definately be going back to WL again for Indonesian cuisine.