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Watami (ION Orchard)


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With more than 600 outlets in worldwide, customers can not only enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine, but also experience a wide range of modern and popular Japanese dishes including Japanese-style Pizza, Baked Scallop with Butter, Cod Roe and Cheese Rolled Omelette.

Daily: 11:30 - 22:00

+65 65099366
$25 based on 85 submissions
Dinner (38 votes), Lunch (32 votes), Vibrant/Noisy (22 votes)
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Wendy Lim 721

Good food but service barely made the mark

After shopping at Uniqlo and H&M, I decided to have an early dinner at Watami at the basement 3 of Ion Orchard. I’ve been wanting to try Watami since 2 years ago! The lady at the entrance was very nice to give me a four seater. Maybe it was just 5 plus and there were quite a few empty tables. Hubby arrived after some traffic jam and we settled for their $59 set dinner for 2. After taxes, it cost about $70. It consists of about 6 dishes and 2 glasses of drinks. Good for 2 hungry people.

Well I had lots of time to calculate and browse through the menu while waiting for hubby. So yes I calculated the cost of the set lunch as well.. its about maybe $8-$10 cheaper if you order the set. But having said that, you have to be hungry if u wanna order the set.

For full review and pics, please visit here - cheers!

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14 Feb 2015 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

Dont bother..

You remember one of those times when you just had a meal at a restaurant and you cant wait to write a review on the good food and service? Well this one is the exact opposite. In fact, im writing this as my wife's finishing up her meal.
 Its me and my wife's first time at Watami, we ordered 2 mains and 1 sushi plate and 2 drinks. Two main dishes came almost half hour apart. My stone pot beef rice was turning cold by the time my wife's dish came. The two Matcha tea with cookies and cream? A little whip cream and sprinkle of cocoa powder! I feel so ripped off! And the two mains are just mediocre, bearing in main that when i make payment im sure to have more regrets so Watami should feel lucky im writing this now and not after payment because i know I'll definitely curse and swear
09 Feb 2015 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Do Not Waste Your Money Here

Went on a Saturday and was feeling pretty hungry, so decided to go to the nearest place to eat.
 Restaurant was 3/4 empty when we stepped in. A sure sign it wasn't popular.
 Ordered Salmon Don and Mentai Takoyaki. Fairly disappointing meal. Wasted money and calories.
 Salmon Don might as well have been cheap low quality tasting sushi rice dumped in a bowl and topped off with salmon sashimi.
 Mentai Takoyaki left me feeling very thirsty long after my meal was over. Makes one wonder if they added tons of MSG inside. Drank 3 to 4 cups of water at least and still my thirst would not go away.
02 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Rude staff and horrible experience

My family and I went to Watami at Ion branch on Saturday 1 November 2014. We intentionally went to the restuarant at 5.30pm so that we can eat before the usual dinner crowd.

When we entered, we requested to sit at sofa seats. The slightly elderly staff member who welcomed us, refused our request saying "you're are going to be here for more than 5 minutes, I cannot let you sit there because it's usually reserved for 5 or more people."

Sorry, what is that supposed to mean? The seats are empty. It's about 5.30pm and it will be way before the dinner crowd. Does that mean that our business is not as important as a party of 5?

We ignored him and went on to order our mains and drinks.

My mother and sister's mains and salad were served up as per normal. However, I was only served my rice and miso soup set. My main dish and a side didn't arrive.

We enquired with a very junior staff and he went to check for us but somehow didn't have any answer. We had to ask him again before he says it will be another 5 mins.

Did they forget my order? It has been entered into the order sheet correctly.

I waited and we asked a slightly more senior member of staff. She then said it will be ANOTHER 10 mins.

They have obviously forgotten my order.

By now, my rice and soup set is cold. My family have already finished their meals. And I was left hungry and angry.

A third person who spoke to us, the manager, went to check and let me know that it will take a FURTHER 10 minutes. At this point, I lost it. It has been about 20 minutes since I asked the first staff, and now by the third, I have to wait for an additional 10 minutes?

We shouldn't have ordered after the elderly staff rejected our request to sit at the sofa seats.

The restuarant was not busy at this point in time. There were so many staff members just standing by their stations, doing nothing.

My order was keyed into the system correctly (as I can see it on the order chits) but it was forgotten and I was given horrible excuses and to ask to wait time and time again.

I will never visit Watami again after this horrible experience.