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Good food In A Hidden Location!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 687

It has been a while since I last visited and I came by last weekend with the family.


They have a range of signatures on the wall, ranging from pastas to meat dishes.


What I like about this place is that they constantly innovate new dishes, so you never get bored with their food offerings.


- Truffle Fries: Comes in a big bowl, where shoe string fries are fried and drizzled with truffle oil and served with mayonnaise. Kids loved it.

- Spaghetti Bolognese: My regular order. Spaghetti with minced beef and   The children loved it!

- Jumbo Lump Crab Pasta: The pasta has loads of lump crab meat in it, with asparagus, black olive, tomato, onion, lemon and topped with prawn roe. Its done similar to alio olio style. Not bad.

- Salmon in Filo pastry with mushroom creamy sauce: My favourite dish for the meal. You have piece of salmon encased in filo pastry and baked. It is topped with mushroom, broccoli and cheese cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce. A healthy and delicious dish!

- Chocolate cake with salted caramel and macaroon: Layered chocolate cake with cream and topped with salted caramel and a macaroon. A good ending to a good meal with the family.


A good place to bring your family and friends. But do make a reservation, as they do get busy, to avoid disappointment.

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little gem but rude service

Total Review: 1

My experience in Waterloo Times has been rather mixed and the recent episode where I brought my touristy friends to restaurant for a birthday treat really made me reconsider if I want to recommend to friends or even visit this restaurant again. But here's a more balance review about what I feel. Ambience: what really drew me to this restaurant was the location. It's an unexpected little gem tucked in Waterloo street with an unpretentious setting. Food: The appetizers/ sides/ salad are much better than the main courses. I love the seated calamari, truffle fries and pumpkin salad. Definitely worth trying. Price: The prices are reasonable. The appetizers cost $13-20+, while main courses/ pasta are anything from $17-$30+ . No gst or service charges. Service: that's the part where I feel very unsatisfied especially with my recent episode. No service charge does not warrant rude service. I used HGW to make a reservation and the servery called to confirm my booking , so I asked if I can bring a cake to celebrate my friend's birthday. The server's reply was "U can bring but we will not serve you" . I was ok not being served and I can certainly bring my own serviette but I was definitely not impressed with the chosen words and tone that she has used. Finally at the restaurant, I asked the same lady ( I can recognize her tone and voice) if she could help me to keep the cake and if she can help to light the candles Later. She said "huh" in an absolutely rude manner and I repeated myself. She gave us a black-faced , went to another table , came back to my table to take the cake away. It was already quite awkward. As the night went by, my friends came , we started with salad, appetitzees and sides and we even ordered the 2nd truffle fries for the night and this time, w e asked for 2 sets of chilli sauce since there were 4 of us. The waitress rudely asked my friend 3 times : "2 sets, 2 sets , 2 sets" And everytime, my friend said yes .. We were really puzzled by her exclamation as it was really not an unreasonable request since there were 4 of us who happen to love our fries with chilli sauce. Ultimately, it is really that waitress who made the night truly unpleasant. Recommendation: I have been there 3 times and the food is value for money but you might have to endure the waitress' pms attitude which is something that I would like to reconsider. That's my personal view. However, I will definitely hesitate to bring my friends there as such service can be quite embarrassing and awkward at the table and can truly spoil ur experience no matter how good the food is/can be.

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Chef RayB bottom Line: Waterloo Times is the new restaurant benchmark in Singapore

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 14

Hello Everyone,

I am tired of reading reviews of people that don't give the bottom line.
Today I will review a restaurant that is nearby where I live and I went to eat many times :)

The following are the good and the bad of Waterloo Times:


- Value for the money / quality ( Seriously)
- Real Chef in the kitchen = Quality & tasty food !
- Good selection of drinks and dishes
- Perfectly cooked meals

- Lack of side dishes
- Not enough vegetable sections / dishes - Repetitive Special of the week  ( After going there a few months  !)

Keep in Mind:
- It’s a small restaurant but the food turn around is quick.

 Good to know:
 - The management and the staff cooking there really know what they are doing. - There is a nice selection of different dishes (fish, pasta, meats,etc...)   Proof: - I won't be talking about each dishes because I truly believe all the dishes are good. They are all special in their own way depending the food you prefer.  - I would try the Confit Calamari, the snapper mushroom pie, seafood pasta, weekly special  and the famous salted Caramel Chocolate desert ! - It will cost you on average $75 for 2 people (salad, appetizers, 2 main dishes, 1 desert and 2 drinks)  (alcohol not included)
Conclusion: I would go to this place anytime I feel like having a nice meal :)  This is by far the best place to eat near Bugis / City Hall / Bras Basah MRT station. 

I truly believe Waterloo Times is the next generation of food benchmark that all other restaurant should target to achieve.  Sadly many restaurant won't be able to achieve this standard because either their rent is too expensive, either they are too greedy or their kitchen staff aren't skilled enough or simply the owner are not really into food and don't have any passion....
If you are the owner/chef reading this, thank you for opening a nice restaurant at Waterloo Center :)  The only feedback I can give you is that it would be great that you can offer more vegetables and you come up with new "special of the week" and keep the food quality and portions the same even after you become famous in Singapore :)
Don't forget the little guys :)

Wish you the best success and hopefully other restaurants learn from you.
Thank you

Sincerely & Honestly

Chef RayB

Chef RayB is Italian, traveled the world and ate in more restaurants that you can Imagine. Bottom Line RayB can't be fooled !

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The type of places

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

This is the type of places that you only need to visit once to start pondering upon the question of why great restaurants like this are so rare in Singapore. Is it because of the depletion of ozone layer? Or is it because more and more restaurants are started up by people who don't really quite understand food? What can we infer about the catering industry on this island? There are so many questions to ask and so many theories to theorize. And guess what? The foods here are great, my mate.

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My new favourite restaurant.

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 76

I cant believe how hard to find this restaurant. It is really hidden in the old plaza. I will never know this restaurant if not for my friend who made a reservation there.


But what a great experience it turns out to be. The restaurant is nicely decorated, very cozy and the staffs are very friendly. I already like the place before the food. But the food, the food is absolute Delicious.


We were party of 5 and we ordered many dishes that day. I like everything we ordered that day and every single plate was squeaky clean. Everyone loves the food. We have pasta, the soup. The seafood soup is so good; I almost want to have it all by myself.  The pizza, they have some really great pizza. We ordered 3 different pizzas and the best one I had was the beef pizza. Chunky beef as the topping with the thin crush pizza. Thank you very much for adding one more item to my new favorite pizza.


The other thing that I love about the meal that day was the atmosphere. The restaurant owner were there to serve us. He even throws in some free foods for us. Thank you very much boss.


I had a great time that day with all my friends. We cannot stop talking about when we going back there again.


I would totally recommend anyone who wants to find a place to have great food and great value. Do come to this restaurant and you will not be disappointed. 

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Hidden Gem off Waterloo Street!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 687

I chanced upon this restaurant when I came by the neighbourhood. I decided to try this new restaurant with my lunch kaki yesterday.

This restaurant is located at the bottom of a HDB block, in a very nondescript manner. You may even miss it if you were not looking out for it. The Chicken Rice stall at the food court opposite this restaurant has a long queue, so you can roughly get your bearings. 

Here were the items we ordered for the two of us:
- US Asparagus with poached egg (The chef took care to shave the outer 'skin' of the asparagus, so it was not fibrous. Together with the poached egg, it was yummy.)
- Beef Pizza (This was not on the menu, but we were craving for some beef, the chef made specially for us and it was a standout for the meal. VERY GOOD!)
- Bay prawns pasta (There were many prawns in this pasta dish. Generous portions indeed!)

For dessert (Made in-house by their pastry chef) we had:
- Salted caramel Chocolate tart (Salted caramel gave an edge to this unusual dessert) - MUST TRY!
- Mango Pavlova (very good pavlova, topped with whipped cream, fresh mangoes and mango jelly) - EXCELLENT

The staff were accommodating to our requests and topped up our glasses and changed plates when needed. Attentive.

The restaurant changes their menu often and specials are often written in chalk on their walls. This keeps the food menu exciting and you will not get 'bored' with the same menu items all the time.

Pricing were very reasonable, given the quality of the food. 

I will be back sooner than I think...

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