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Chef RayB
 • 14 Jun 2014 14 reviews 3 followers
Hello Everyone,

I am tired of reading reviews of people that don't give the bottom line.
Today I will review a restaurant that is nearby where I live and I went to eat many times :)

The following are the good and the bad of Waterloo Times:


- Value for the money / quality ( Seriously)
- Real Chef in the kitchen = Quality & tasty food !
- Good selection of drinks and dishes
- Perfectly cooked meals

- Lack of side dishes
- Not enough vegetable sections / dishes
- Repetitive Special of the week  ( After going there a few months  !)

Keep in Mind:
- It’s a small restaurant but the food turn around is quick.

 Good to know:
 - The management and the staff cooking there really know what they are doing.
- There is a nice selection of different dishes (fish, pasta, meats,etc...)
- I won't be talking about each dishes because I truly believe all the dishes are good. They are all special in their own way depending the food you prefer. 
- I would try the Confit Calamari, the snapper mushroom pie, seafood pasta, weekly special  and the famous salted Caramel Chocolate desert !
- It will cost you on average $75 for 2 people (salad, appetizers, 2 main dishes, 1 desert and 2 drinks)  (alcohol not included)

Conclusion: I would go to this place anytime I feel like having a nice meal :)  This is by far the best place to eat near Bugis / City Hall / Bras Basah MRT station. 

I truly believe Waterloo Times is the next generation of food benchmark that all other restaurant should target to achieve.  Sadly many restaurant won't be able to achieve this standard because either their rent is too expensive, either they are too greedy or their kitchen staff aren't skilled enough or simply the owner are not really into food and don't have any passion....

If you are the owner/chef reading this, thank you for opening a nice restaurant at Waterloo Center :)  The only feedback I can give you is that it would be great that you can offer more vegetables and you come up with new "special of the week" and keep the food quality and portions the same even after you become famous in Singapore :)
Don't forget the little guys :)

Wish you the best success and hopefully other restaurants learn from you.

Thank you

Sincerely & Honestly

Chef RayB

Chef RayB is Italian, traveled the world and ate in more restaurants that you can Imagine. Bottom Line RayB can't be fooled !

I spent $38 per person.

I also recommend this place for:
After Work, Ala Carte, Dinner, Hidden Find, Relaxed

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