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Wavve is a Western grill restaurant and pub available at an affordable neighborhood price range.
Mon to Sun: 11.00am - 12.00am
+65 62555771
$28 based on 40 submissions
After Work (6 votes), Chillout (5 votes), Live Band (4 votes)

Nice Ambience, Good Music, Comfort Food.

Bought a coupon to try the Spanish buffet dinner. Though not the very authentic spanish food, but the spread was good and all the items were quite tasty. The soup was bland, but other than that, all else was fine. Their seafood were fresh and they are not stingy about refilling empty trays. Some of there items were replaced after they ran out so the variety of food was not bad.

The main item of the spanish buffet was the suckling pig. Service staff will invite diners to "cut" up the pig. When they do that, please volunteer as I rejected the offer because I thought it was like a cake cutting thing. The way they cut up the suckling pig is really interesting. You use a side plate to give a few chops to the pig and after that, you get to break the side plate for good luck! I would have volunteered to do it if I knew it was that interesting. After that the chef will cut up the pig and give a portion to each table. 

Overall it was quite a good experience and the food is worth the price.

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  • Mushroom Cappuccino2 votes
  • Tiramisu2 votes
  • rainbow salad2 votes
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Based on 40 votes
27 Nov 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

I will never pay for this LOUSY food and service!!!!!!!

One complimentary word for this place "SUX"!
I bought the pax of 4 from Groupon. Called for reservation more than a week before and was told fully booked. My first question is have they survey and count the quantity of coupon they selling can fit to the volume of the place by before 30 nov 2013. Or they just wish to sell as much coupon as they can.
We went there this evening for some gathering. The service were freaking lousy, we ask for drink refill for couple of times but the staffs were no respond. Another who not busy also dont bother though they saw we ask for water refill. Btw, plain water charge for $1, to me is w**!!
Talk abt the food, Brazilian food display those food like salad, chinese "xi yang cai' soup, yang zhou fried rice, sushi, baked fish (to me more like steamed fish with chili paste), green vege with onion on top, spaghetti (uncooked) with olive oil, chocolate cake and pumpkin soup. It most like asian cuisine than Brazilian.
I took abt 15 minutes to come out with one type of barbequed food. The terrible part is most the time they offer with barbecued pineapple and corn than meat. The barbecued beef were hard outside but insude remain uncooked. The bacon chicken is totally taste nothing. Chicken wings, I would prefer any pasar malam stall than this. Barbecued pork is the one that I have no comment, cos this is the only acceptable meat for me.
Seriously, I wouldn't expect the food are as nice as display on the groupon website. But at least please show your sincerity. I thought previous reviews were bad cos they are may be too high requirement. but as we have all the feel of being cheated! And I feel sorry to my friends who came with empty stomach but wasted time for those tasteless food!
This place supposed be only a bistro or bar previously, I suspecting they doing buffet due to business wasn't good. But they have no planning or strategy for F&B, so just anyhow create a great name to attract ppl. To me is after this kind of bad experience, sure more bad comments shall be coming in. If there is no improvement, the business should be end soon.
23 Nov 2013 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

Hardly a Rodizio

We weren't expecting much having bought a 1 for 1 voucher on Actually this is the first and last the I would do this. The salad bar was disappointing and the subsequent rodizio was worse. The beef was barely edible, and passador kept insisting to cut the meats onto a common plate rather than to individual plates.
04 Nov 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower


On the 3rd of Nov 2013, we arrived for a Brazillian Dinner Buffet... 10 pax    One of the worst places I have been to, talk about a Brazilllian BBQ Buffet, there were only these 4 items on the grill: Chicken sausages (the ones you get from NTUC, definitely not assorted sausages like they mentioned), bacon (which was insanely salty), beef rump (which was as hard and chewy as rubber) and shrimps. It was soooo disappointing and food arrives more than 5mins each time, there is no way to enjoy it. No grilled veggies/ peppers/ pineapple etc.   The place boasted to have a other sides (buffet style) like pasta, veggies, rice, etc. But the food was so minimal and pathetic! And they kept running out and topping up was so slow, we were fed up, not only that, half way through the service, dessert and other items ran out and when we enquired: "SORRY, WE RAN OUT, IT IS FINISHED." How can a buffet spread run out of food! & it was only 8pm! Can you imagine?!   In addition, the staff was so rude and inconsiderate, they would portion the grill on a shared plate among 4 people and they kept giving us 3 portions knowing that there for 4 people at our table. My grandmother asked for 4 portions and the waiter said: "Ok, just shut up!" Can you believe it? If it wasn't for my grandmother's inability to understand English... I heard it loud and clear and I was already flaring up inside! What nonsense is this ! & he proceeded to complain to his colleague about it.    In addition, when we looked at our receipt after we left the place, our 2 of our $30+ dollar bottle of wines was charged to $48 for each bottle before GST and then charged over service charge (of which service was non-existent, our glasses of water weren't refilled etc, staff playing with their iphones instead), we just gave a sigh and left the restaurant.   Really one of our worst nights, to think that we have 10pax trying to enjoy a good Sunday night, save up your money guys, this is definitely not worth it, I would call it a hoax. Save your money for better food, such a disappointing and rude place. I thought something near to our homes would eventually be a good hang out spot for us, turns out to be horrible. ))):

03 Nov 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

Food comes in drips. Don't bother with the buffet.

Buffet is a joke. Pieces of meat arrive like once every five minutes or so. You hardly feel full from the buffet. It seems like they are trying to force you to eat stuff from the buffet table instead of their meats. Totally not worth the price. You would be better off eating at the roast meat stall in a nearby coffee shop.
02 Nov 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower


This "brazilian buffet" has totally wrecked my appetite so much so that I had to put a review on it.
1) Service
Service was VERY VERY VERY VERY SLOWWWW. Even if you had 2 hours to eat, you would hardly be a quarter full as the servings took SOOOOO long to come. Even when we wanted refill of drinks in the pathetically small glass we were given, we had to go to the bar counter in order to get filled. Zero situation awareness from the staff even though there were not a lot of diners around. Our plates were not cleared too till the very end when we were about done and there were no bowls for soup at the ready food corner! What were we expected to use? Plates?!
2) Food
Pseudo brazilian food wanna be definitely. Tastes like any ordinary BBQ food you can just do it yourself. With such long waits, they serve their unpalatable food in one skewer per food type (which was pathetic in variety by the way) which was hardly enough to go one round for all diners. If that skewer was empty by the time it reaches you, too bad. You gotta wait and wait for it again. Which it might never come.
3) Staff
RUDE! We were told the buffet ends at 9.30pm when we called for reservation but when they stopped serving at 8.45pm, we asked again what time the buffet should end, we were then told 9pm as they needed to clean their woks and machinery!! WHAT KIND OF STUPID EXCUSE IS THAT???!!! They were SOOOO relunctant to serve us after we requested for more food as we were not even a quarter full!!!

This is one of the most horrible dining experience I had with a "buffet". You do not get to eat the amount you rightly deserve and you have to suffer the bad service attitude of the staff. Is it worth your money and time? Its a definite NO for me as I would not ever visit them again.