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Located at Tanglin Halt, Wei Yi Laksa & Prawn Noodle sells food like Laksa

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S$5 weiyi laksa 唯一辣沙
S$5 weiyi laksa 唯一辣沙
S$5 laksa
S$5 laksa
S$5 laksa
S$5 laksa
weiyi laksa 唯一辣沙
weiyi laksa 唯一辣沙

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Now My Favourite Laksa on 25Aug2015

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 389

See my full reviews & photos at =唯一辣沙-tanglin-halt-food-centre-on-25aug2015/

went to sheng shiong @ commonwealth mrt to get some items for tomorrow’s dinner.

walked by tanglin halt food centre & saw the queue at  weiyi laksa 唯一辣沙 was just about 7pax. still it took about 15mins.

my last post on  weiyi laksa 唯一辣沙 was on 24.3.2015.

after trying a few places like teck hin @ food loft clementi which is sometimes inconsistent (i had a very bad one once recently), decided that this is still the best.

the sungei road laksa is good of course but it is somewhat different, not as substantial & savoury.

there are many combinations, i chose no.6 (chicken, cockles, fried beancurd) & S$5 option. cockles were big & plump and quite many, chicken meat was sweet, very nice & the bean curd & laksa gravy was excellent.

yum yum! (as a korean pal said on facebook 배고파요^^=i am hungry) ^^

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Among the Best Laksa

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 389

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had been trying out laksa at different places last few days.

today i went to tanglin halt market & food centre & try out weiyi laksa 唯一辣沙 on 24.3.2015.^^

i was there at 11.55am but there was already a queue of 15 people.

the queue went plus minus a bit but when i finished at 12.30pm queue was just as long.

so many people cannot be wrong, can it?

i queued for 25minutes. weiyi had a good system with a board with numbers for the combination to order & the prices. & the guy was friendly, knew how to smile & be happy, which was sometimes lacking in other sellers.

weiyi also sells prawn noodles. today there was a sign “sold out” (at 12pm??). anyway i came for the laksa.

i asked for no. 6 which was chicken & cockles & taupok, S$5 bowl, & thick beehon mee. :-)

there wasn’t a number combination with just cockles  & taupok. there was no purpose for me to try prawn combination. chicken with laksa was most uncommon so i wanted to try it.

the laksa gravy was excellent! a lot of hae bee as well. anyhow the combination of flavours – lemak, spiciness, taste – was excellent. i finished almost all the gravy. ^^

cockles were fresh & plump, taupok was soft & well infused with gravy & not falling apart. chicken was a lot better than i expected, very sweet & tender.

but of course, however good the chicken might be, it was no comparison with the poached chicken白斩鸡 at ah heng curry chicken noodle at hong lim food centre. likewise for heng kee curry chicken noodles.

& if it is between the excellent laksa gravy & excellent curry chicken gravy, i will go for the latter every time. just my personal preference.^^

just comparing laksa with laksa, this would beat the #02-141 stall at bukit timah food centre hands down.

it also made me appreciate the teck hin laksa stall at food loft @ clementi. i was asking myself was this really better than teck hin’s. i think the difference was quite infinitesimal. the taupok was much better becos the taupok at teck hin was still hard & not well infused with gravy. the gravy might be tastier overall, but really not by much. there was no queue at teck hin when i visited at 5.30pm & i don’t expect it will have a 15pax queue at 12pm. :-)

& compared with sungei road laksa at jalan shui kopitiam at jalan berseh? it’s kind of difficult to compare. this weiyi version, like teck hin’s, was a lot more savoury & substantial. sungei road had more lemak & sweet gravy.

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Pretty good bowl of laksa

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 221

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Laksa is one of my favourite local dish and when I was told there is a popular Laksa stall at Tanglin Halt Market & Food Centre, I just have to make my way down to check out the stall. Arriving at the food centre around 10am, a long queue has already formed at Wei Yi Laksa & Prawn Noodle. The uncle worked quite fast, so after waiting for about 20 minutes, I got my sumptuous looking bowl of laksa.

A bowl of laksa at Wei Yi ranges from $3 to $5 depending on the combination of ingredients you preferred. The breakdown of the different combination is readily pasted at the stall. Do note that if you prefer prawn over cockle, go for the prawn combination or else you will get smaller sized prawns. I decided to go for the Laksa ($5) which comes with everything such as poached chicken meat, tao pok, prawns and cockles. While I was delighted that there is chicken in Wei Yi's laksa, I also missed having fishcake in it.

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