126 Sims Ave, 387449
Asian, Cantonese, Chinese, Dim Sum
+65 67464757

Daily: 24 Hours

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Vibrant/Noisy (29 votes), Supper (28 votes), Cheap Eat/Budget (24 votes) ...

Located on Sims Avenue, Wen Dao Shi serves Dim Sum.

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Xiao Long Bao
  • chee cheong fun 7 votes
  • King Siew Mai 6 votes
  • Century Egg Porridge 5 votes
  • King Har Gao 5 votes
  • crab chee cheong fun 3 votes
  • everything 3 votes
  • lotus leaf glutinous rice 3 votes
  • Deep fried prawns in tofu skin (fu pei guin) 2 votes
  • char siew baos 2 votes
  • crab bee hoon 2 votes
  • Barley with Winter Melon 1 vote
  • Chicken Feet and many more! 1 vote
  • Fried Fries with Prawn 1 vote
  • Fried Pig's Intestine 1 vote
  • Fried tofu 1 vote
  • Har Gor 1 vote
  • Honey Aloe Vera Tea 1 vote
  • Honey Lemon 1 vote
  • Otak 1 vote
  • Pork Ribs 1 vote
  • Siew Mai 1 vote
  • Steam Carrot Cake 1 vote
  • Wang Qiu 1 vote
  • barley 1 vote
  • fatty pork with yam roll 1 vote
  • fish fillets & zhu chang feng (pork & shrimp filling) 1 vote
  • fried banana 1 vote
  • homemade drinks 1 vote
  • porridge 1 vote
  • tanghoon crab 1 vote
  • vegetarian roll 1 vote
  • zha jia juan 1 vote

Latest Review for Wen Dao Shi

Overall RatingBased on 57 reviews
Most helpful review:

Savoury dim sum

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience N/A | Service 3
Total Reviews: 249

I just love dim sum, tapas and degustations. Unfortunately, the dim sum scene in Singapore just isn't that happening and I can't understand why. I really miss those days where the aunties would push a cart right up to your table and you get to choose what you want to eat. Why is it that there are only a few places that have them today, even though I think most Singaporeans still wish they were around? I would like to see a Hong Kong street Style dim sum place in Singapore. No fancy restaurant, just a nice kopi tiam atmosphere where the carts are pushed around and diners rush for their steaming har kow and siew mai.

So, you can imagine I was comforted to find such a place in Geylang. This small shop dishes out savoury dim sum in an atmosphere that is quintessentially Geylang. A good dim sum to me means that most items are good, some are excellent and some are unique and difficult to find anywhere else. That just about sums it up for Wan Dou Sek. Not exactly restaurant dining, but that's how I like it – nostalgic and chaotic. What I also like about this place is that they dare to be adventurous, so you can expect a few surprises. We should have more of such stalls in Singapore!

Let’s look at some of the more interesting items. The deep fried oysters were one of them. Simple and sinful, the oyster fritters were juicy and shiok. Too bad there wasn't any tartar sauce or blue cheese sauce to go with it! (4.5/5).

Another dish that caught my attention was the fried fish maw with Thai style chilli sauce. It is something you don't see very often. The chilli sauce was quite sour, reminiscent of Thai style seafood dip (4.25/5).

My makan kakis and I had come for the lo mai kai but after trying it, found it to be ordinary. The stall used only midwings for the lo mai kai. I thought the glutinous rice was not soft enough. For me, a great lo mai kai should have soft and gooey glutinous rice saturated with chicken juices (3.75/5).

However, I must rave about the fried yam cake there, as it was one of the best I have tasted in Singapore. The yam was generous and powdery (the Teochews describe it as “sang sang”) and the cake was full of hae bee (dried prawn) flavour. The cook deep fried it and it was so good! (4.5/5).

The curry chee cheong fun was just average. The curry was a bit powdery but if you want to spice up your dim sum meal, this might appeal to you, as well as its steamed seafood otah dish (3/5).

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the most liked dim sum place

Total Reviews: 52

wen dao shi also known as 126 in geylang is the more well liked and most sought for dim sum place in singapore especially during wee hours or early in the morning when you need something to warm your tummy! we went there last Tuesday morning and we were given a seat in the air con area! the ice barley drink and the scallop porridge is something I never miss ordering! the employees are friendly too. overall experience is very pleasant

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it was better last time

Total Reviews: 147

the food was delicious last time. tthe time when they only had one shop. now that biz got better , they expanded and the seating space is now much more. i am happy for them that the business is getting better. but their food is getting worst. its ok but was much better last time. if you are looking for a quick bite , something thats not too heavy like rice or noodles, you can try here. the parking , though, is very diff to find. there is a lot of eating places around the area and hence parking is a challenge. you can try their hao gao or siew mai. jowever their fried items are sometimes over cooked.

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