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Whale & Cloud

Desserts, Western


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Opens Randomly: Only on Weekends

$8 based on 2 reviews

Whale & Cloud is a little hidden cafe nestled at Niven Road with a unique concept of operating hours, prices and menu where there is no menu or price for their offerings, you simply pay what you want before leaving, plus their operating hours are irregular and only open on weekends.

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whaleliciousfay • 06 Jul 2014123 reviews 5 followers

ldquo;Many will seek but not all shall find.” That is exactly what’s written on their instagram profile. And I must say, it’s true. For one, they have no website. Just an instagram account.
Two, it’s not easy locating their entrance! Their entrance is in fact the back door of unit 48. If you managed to park along Niven Road, please walk towards Rex Cinema (Merchant Road) to get to the back alley. We took off in the wrong direction...

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