48 Niven Road, 228396
Desserts, Western

Opens Randomly: Only on Weekends

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Whale & Cloud is a little hidden cafe nestled at Niven Road with a unique concept of operating hours, prices and menu where there is no menu or price for their offerings, you simply pay what you want before leaving, plus their operating hours are irregular and only open on weekends.

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This is good place for me

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
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Cafe is very good, make me up and fresh, the service is very good, and the atmosphere is comfortable

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Hidden gem!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 190

“Many will seek but not all shall find.” That is exactly what’s written on their instagram profile. And I must say, it’s true. For one, they have no website. Just an instagram account. 

Two, it’s not easy locating their entrance! Their entrance is in fact the back door of unit 48. If you managed to park along Niven Road, please walk towards Rex Cinema (Merchant Road) to get to the back alley. We took off in the wrong direction and ended up taking a big detour. Alternatively, if you are taking the public transport (bus / cab), you can alight in front of Hotel 81 Selegie, cut across Hotel 81 (Oh yes, go through Hotel 81) and enter the (shared) back alley to see the blue door of Whale & Cloud immediately.

Uh huh, my friend and I cleverly thought of cutting through Hotel 81. It was by luck that Whale & Cloud is just behind Hotel 81. Keke.

Trying to enter Whale & Cloud is an experience in itself too. Their door is kept locked. Upon reaching, we had to knock, wait for a while before the door was opened for us. Thinking back, it was kinda funny cause when the staff opened the door for my friend and I, she had a surprised look. Well… A hidden gem like Whale & Cloud wouldn be kept long as a secret.

And the whole secrecy of their existence, together with their address having a ¾ , I couldn help but think of Harry Potter and the Platform 9¾.

There’s no menu. Instead, smacked in the centre of the space is a table where baked goodies offered for the day are placed. There was only one staff on duty, who was also the barista that took our coffee orders.

And we ordered:-

1) Carrot cake, $4 – Cake was moist, not overly dense with generous amount of chopped walnuts. My friend felt the cake was a little sweet, but I liked it as it is.

2) Latte – Comes with complimentary old school biscuits

Our carrot cake was priced at $4, while payment for coffee is by tipping. I will definitely recommend checking out Whale & Cloud for the experience of trying to locate them, ambience of the cafe and yummy baked goodies. I liked how it felt like we were entering a green house which effect was achieved with the exposed red bricks for the earth-soil feel (haha), potted plants hanging from the ceiling and most importantly, the place being lit with natural light entering through the glass ceiling.

Whale & Cloud makes an ideal place to sip coffee, enjoy a slice of cake while reading a book. Do come with a friend, although I wont encourage coming in a big group as the layout does not allow big groups to huddle. And with word getting round (fast), I am expecting them to get pretty crowded soon (we were told they are into their 2nd month of operation) which would not be a good thing because the very small cafe’s charm lies in its serenity.

I am hoping in the near future, Whale & Cloud will consider opening during weekdays.

PS : I am a blogger too! Lifestyle blogFood Blog

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