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$56 based on 124 submissions
Dinner (51 votes), Romance/First Dates (43 votes), Quiet (38 votes) ...

Come to wild rocket - after all, this is what happiness is about - sharing good food and drinks, having lively conversations and laughter around a table with family and friends in a wonderful environment.



Nestled in the quiet enclave of Mt Emily Park, Wild Rocket is one of the few places in bustling Singapore, where you can dine in the tranquillity of a restaurant on a hill. The space is modelled after a traditional Japanese chashitsu, or teahouse complete with a rock garden path flanked by textured paper that welcomes one into three main areas: the main a-la-carte section; a long concrete counter for omakase patrons where Chef Willin regularly serves personally; and a recessed area reminiscent of the tokonoma, an alcove used for private dinning. From the ceiling to the walls and onto the exterior façade is an amazing wooden carapace made up of 15,000 meranti batons which is not only an art installation but acts also as a sunshade.

What others are eating here

  • strawberry cheesecake 11 votes
  • Chilean seabass with chai poh 6 votes
  • Crabmeat Linguine with Chilli Tomato Cream 6 votes
  • Dark Lava Chocolate Gateau with Vanilla Ice Cream 6 votes
  • Tiramisu 3 votes
  • pandan-infused panna cotta with salted gul melaka 3 votes
  • Black pepper soft shell crab 2 votes
  • Wild Rocket Burger with Sun-Dried Tomato Relish 2 votes
  • desserts 2 votes
  • everything 2 votes
  • Any pasta 1 vote
  • Frog Leg Tempura 1 vote
  • Lamb Rack 1 vote
  • Omakase dinner 1 vote
  • Quail with Tau Yew Bay Sauce 1 vote
  • Risotto 1 vote
  • Vanilla Ice Cream with Roasted Black Sesame Sauce 1 vote
  • adobo duck with quail egg, truffle mash & baby spinach 1 vote
  • and the Duck. 1 vote
  • chendol dessert 1 vote
  • giam hee chinese anchovy aglio olio spaggetti 1 vote
  • gong tng chinese peanut candy w/ peanut butter ice cream 1 vote
  • grouper with laksa sauce 1 vote
  • kueh buloh tiramisu 1 vote
  • laksa pesto 1 vote
  • orh nee mille feuille 1 vote
  • salmon carpaccio 1 vote
  • tau yew bah soy sauce pork ragout rigatoni 1 vote

Latest Review for Wild Rocket

Overall RatingBased on 97 reviews
Most helpful review:

Expensive for "experiments" masquerading as poor dishes with good ingredients

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 6

Wild Rocket is in a small cozy corner set up in a nice rustic setting.

That's the romantic way of looking at it, and for how some people justify the exorbitant prices charged.

Here's my unromantic way of looking at it: it's a small corner beside a cheapo hotel with cheap furnishing.

For such a dinghy looking place, the wine's pretty expensive, quality mediocre. I would suggest skipping the wine.

None of the food particularly left a good memory: Alot of the dishes are like experiments in molecular gastronomy served without tasting.

Sure, the chef paid alot of attention to the texture, the multi layer tastes of the food, but the uses of the various spices are either weird, or nothing impressive.

Some dishes definitely deserve mention:
The crabmeat linguine is special: the meat plays hide and seek with you. I guess the chef challenges you to find the crabmeat.

The deconstructed cheesecake tastes unique: I guess the chef is challenging you to guess where they dropped it, and with what.

Did I mention the size? The lack of it? If you're a small eater, you can order two mains, and hope that you will get full.

This place is good to bring people who has never been to fine dining restaurants, or restaurants doing molecular gastronomy. The (relatively high) cost of the place will impress them, and they won't question tastes of the food.
After all, they've not been to fine dining, ya? :P

For everyone else, there's lots of other better restaurants out there. It's not worth the drive up to Mt Emily.

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Big fans of Wild Rocket!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 60

Full review HERE

This was a great dinner that we had at Wild Rocket, and I would definitely be back here again for Chef Willin Low’s creations. We were here for a birthday dinner, and each birthday diner got a complimentary pandan puddingish cake drizzeld in gula melaka. Everything from the bread, to the starters to the desserts were good (of course, some better than others, but all generally not bad) and we enjoyed ourselves alot. 

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Delicious and Great Value

Total Reviews: 3

The tasting menu at $78+++ is delicious. It is a great place to have dinner with friends as the ambiance is cozy. With the Survival Chic's offer of 30% discount, it is fantastic!! Thanks to the Chef, and he came to take a picture with our group :-)

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