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Review for Wing Zone


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12 Jul 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Must try!

This place is a must try if you're into great tasting food.  They have this unusual set of flavors you can choose from that they'll put on your chicken/burger/salad.  It's not the kind of flavors you can easily get from other restaurants.  For example, ever heard of maple and cinnamon flavored chicken wings?  It's me and my wife's favorite.  There are other good choices avaialble except we haven't tried the extremely spicy ones since we don't really eat food that are too spicy. 

When you visit the place, you'll have to be prepared to wait a while for your food.  It normally takes 15 mins as we're told that they're not fast food.  They only cook your food after you order them.  I thought it's a really good thing since the food tastes better if they're eaten right after being cooked.  This also makes their wedges really good.  They are crispy outside but soft and moist on the inside.  Be careful not to get burned though.  It's still very hot when served.

Overall, the place is a good change from the usual food you see in Singapore.  Their prices are above average but you won't be disappointed with the quality.  Service is very good as well as the staff checks on the customers to make sure they're not waiting too long for their food.
Must Tries
Maple Cinnamon, Tokyo Dragon, Honey Q, Chicken Wings, Burgers, Grilled chicken salad
Recommended for
Brunch, Delivery, Dinner, Lunch
Average Spend
$25 for 2 pax
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