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Review for Wing Seong Fatty's Restaurant


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22 Jul 2014 • 2 Reviews • 0 Follower

Glass splitter in food - no acknowledgement or apology from owner!

Ordered Black Pepper Beef and Fried Rice which was quite tasty - however when I chewed on a glass-splitter in my dish and showed it to the Chinese waitress she just smiled and nodded before she left again. Assuming that her command of English was not that good I informed the owner about the problem and showed him the bit of glass. Instead of acknowledging the problem, he told me that this is only a grain of salt and I don't need to worry. I then challenged him to eat the grain of salt and left after he starred blankly at me for ten seconds.

Summary: Food good but watch out for foreign objects - and don't expect the owner to take responsibility it something goes wrong in the kitchen.
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$30 for 2 pax
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