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Wishbone Restaurant

Wishbone is located in Bukit Timah Plaza along Jln Anak Bukit and specializes in Hainaneses style local and western dishe

Daily: 11:00 - 22:00

+65 67333777
$15 based on 17 submissions
Children/Family (3 votes), Dinner (3 votes), Lunch (3 votes)

Must try their Hainanese Chicken Rice!!!

A surprise find! Just dropped in at Bukit Timah Plaza for a visit and chanced upon this old style Western Cafe. Though not exactly cheap, the food served is really worth the money paid.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • banana split1 vote
  • gula melaka ice cream1 vote
  • jackfruit ice-cream1 vote
Based on 17 votes
17 Jun 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

Average, but not really recommended.

Although I've been to Bukit Timah Plaza before, this was my first time seeing (and eating at) this place. The ambience is good, it feels a little old-school, with the mis-matched cutlery and dim lighting. The service was a little sullen. 

For our party of 4, we had the curry chicken, the kailan with oyster sauce, ox-tail stew + set, and the pan-fried fish and chips. The first and second were your standard hawker-style fare, so they weren't exactly worth the price.

The ox-tail was occasionally tender, and came with a somewhat generous side of steamed vegetables. The set included tea/coffee, the soup of the day, which was cream of mushroom, and the most petite dessert I've ever seen, which was pulot hitam with ice cream on top (called 'Black Glory'). The soup probably came from a can, and was laden with sodium, but the dessert was pretty good. 

As for the pan fried fish and chips, I had to wait quite long for it, and even then it was hardly worth the wait. The fish, having been butterflyed, was dry and over-cooked, and was hardly seasoned. The fries were also not seasoned, so salt was needed. The accompanying side of coleslaw and salad was quite decent, however. 

Perhaps we ordered the wrong things, or we came on a bad day, but I wouldn't whole-heartedly recommend this place.
24 Jan 2013 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Must try their Hainanese Chicken Rice!!!

A surprise find! Just dropped in at Bukit Timah Plaza for a visit and chanced upon this old style Western Cafe. Though not exactly cheap, the food served is really worth the money paid.
20 Jun 2012 • 152 reviews • 9 followers

great Hailam chicken rice set here, that's it

click here for pictures on my blog

Hailam Chicken Rice Set S$10.90++ with a cup of local coffee / tea

This is the first ever time I step into Bukit Timah plaza. If not for a certain audio related gagdet to be found only here…

After the mission was accomplished, we strolled around to find something for late lunch.

A cozy and old school western restaurant caught our attention.

And guess what, the most popular dish is their Hailam Chicken Rice set.

True to its popularity, the rice grains were very well flavoured, tasty homemade chilli sauce to add onto the generous portion of well poached chicken. Worth a try!

Waffle with Gula Melaka ice-cream S$5.50++

I saw Gula Melaka ice-cream at the entrance and I knew I got to have it.

So, ordered waffle with it (you have the other choice of brownie too).

Waffle wasn’t good, served cold, stodgy and no crisp. However, the big scoop of icy Gula Melaka was great, it’s coconut based, tasted like childhood to me.

The chicken rice was a surprise find nonetheless.

07 Jan 2012 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

Highly recommended if you're stuck in a desert with no coffee for miles

I dropped in for a quick coffee since it was raining cats and dogs. The place was not exactly crowded. There was just another table of patrons. The waiter (and later cashier) looked like they could do with a couple nights of good uninterrupted sleep. They probably believe in limiting noise pollution cos they uttered nary a word while taking our order. Sign language was his forte cos through a series of nods and grunts, he successfully conveyed his message to us.

We had a double expresso (which was neither expresso, nor double, nor good), a glass of warm barley drink (which was ok) and a scoop of yam ice-cream (which was certainly no better than any cheapo petrol station ice-cream). The bill came up to $19. The double expresso cost $9.60. (Since they did not actually have double expresso on the menu, they took the price of a cappucino and doubled it. Seriously.) Maybe I missed something. Maybe the coffee was civet cat coffee directly flown in from the most remote jungle in Vietnam. But maybe not.

I'd certainly visit this place again, if I were on the verge of dying from thirst and cannot walk the 3 metres to the Subway joint just opposite.

11 Jan 2011 • 111 reviews • 0 follower


The dining experience I had at Wishbone was not exactly a good one. The service and food were below average and definitely not worth the money. Over $20 for a meal when you can get at a regular food court with much better food for a much lower price? Even people who have been eating there for over 20 years have left disappointed.