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Address: 18 Gemmill Lane, 069255
18 Jun 2014 • 1 Review • 1 Follower

Meticulously crafted menu with distinctive pork chops made available for us to drool at


I went to this restaurant called “WOLF” the other day with my 3 other buddies to try out their pork dishes which seems pretty interesting as this is the first time we came across a “pork-centric” restaurant in Singapore. 

The delightful ambience greeted us when we stepped inside with their cozy decorations and settings. It was a comfortable setting for us and with their friendly staff, they sat us down in a moment soon after. 

Two of us ordered the “Pig Affair, Italian flavours” menu. The price is a little higher than average, however, I would say that it was a definitely good buy. 

First off, the Proscuitto & pear salad caught us off guard with their hazelnut dressing which is somewhat different and it excites our palates.

Next, we tasted Porchetta Di Testa, which is rolled pig’s head. I know, not everyone will be hyped bout this dish. As much as we were skeptical when we were served this dish, it turned out to be different from what you would expect.

Then we had the Cotechino, which is stuffed pork sausages. Hmm, what can I say bout sausages?

Finally, the main course is here… We were served the Pork saltimbocca. 

I do not know how to fully describe the taste of this dish which I had. as I was savouring the pork in my mouth, I was also offered gnudi in the plate for my chewing joy. gnudi is a type of gnocchi made from ricotta cheese and a little bit of flour. it is somewhat like a ravioli. The taste of it is so light, fluffy and creamy. The combination of the tastes of these dishes served to me so far, has been excellent. 

Following closely, saffron panna cotta is served. As you all know, panna cotta by itself, can be very very plain and I do not like the plainness of it. It actually depends on what kind of fruits/berries the chefs use to enhance the flavours of it.

For WOLF, they actually uses something which is pretty rare as of my knowledge; mirabelle compote. This is actually a kind of plum which is known for being sweet and full of flavours. With some honeycomb candy, it just creates a different type of taste you would expect. Also, with the toppings of some pistachios, it adds the mouth-feel to this dessert. 

We had the Nagano and Mangalica pork chops. For the Nagarno, it is very moist and it felt so juicy that we thought we were drooling initially. With it’s saliva enhancing flavours. For Mangalica, the taste is different as compared to Nagano. Mangalica’s fats content tops the range of these pork chops and they are the king when it comes to fats. Needless to say, with the melt-in-your-mouth feel and refreshing aftertaste, we could not expect more than what we have already been served. 


I guess I will stop here as these pork dishes that they serve, are causing me to be in a complete state of ennui when I eat pork dishes anywhere else as the pork dishes served elsewhere will never be what I am expecting anymore.

Must Tries
PIGaffair degustation menu & different pork chops!
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Ala Carte, Anniversary, Birthdays, Business Dining, Corporate Events, Dinner, Fine Dining, Formal Events, Large Groups, Large Groups/Gathering, Lunch, Night Out, Private Dining, Quiet, Relaxed, Romance/First Dates, Wine Lists
Average Spend
$258 for 4 pax
  • How WOLF looks like from the outside.
  • Mangalica pork chop
  • Nagano pork chop
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