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Review for Woorinara Korean Restaurant


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Address: #01-02, 19 Lorong Kilat, 598120
02 Nov 2012 • 2 Reviews • 0 Follower

Fairly tasty food, but beware of their promotions.

Went there twice but not by choice.Food there was fairly tasty though I have tasted better elsewhere, now with the proliferation of Korean restaurants in Singapore. Ambience is homely and simple. Prices are probably reasonable considering the size of their portions (more on that later). They do have a very reasonably priced promotion voucher for a "all you can eat" a la carte buffet, on sale online.But beware.I bought 2 of these vouchers online, which was how I got to know about this restaurant tucked away somewhere in the Bukit Timah area. When we first went there, the restaurant was almost empty, but we were told that there was a quota on the number of these a la carte buffets everyday, and the quota had been exceeded on that day. We were advised to book in advance in future. They have a buffet and they have a quota???
The second time we went, we made an advanced booking. We ordered 4 dishes for two of us. We asked for small portions but were told that all their dishes were of standard size. The Ginseng Chicken soup came with half a chicken. Then a humongous plate of pork with ginger, enough to feed 4, and then the volcano chicken, with 10 pieces of chicken, again enough to feed 4. We called the manager to cancel the last dish of the salted saba, but we were told that we could not cancel the order.At the end of the meal, we were told that we would be charged $10 for the leftover food: one piece (out of 10 pieces) of chicken, and a quarter slice of the saba fish. And that was after she agreed to waive the charge for some scraps of meat sticking to the ginseng chicken bones (she claimed that most people clean out all the meat from the bones) and mostly onions from the pork dish.It was ridiculous and possibly a scam to recoup the price of the promo vouchers. Firstly, why a quota on an a la carte buffet? Secondly, most a la carte buffets would customise the size of the dishes to the number of people eating. How difficult is it to do that? And if they cannot do that, then set a minimum number of people for the buffet.As it stands, one voucher should only get you one dish (so what sort of buffet is that?). Anymore, you will probably be overwhelmed by food and you will be charged exorbitantly for any leftovers.Wouldn't go back again. Not because of the food, but rather the attitude of the restaurant.
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