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Review for Woori Nara


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04 Apr 2014 • 226 Reviews • 5 Followers

If you love chicken scratchings

Boneless or bone-in, the skin on this District 21 Korean restaurant's fried chicken is crisp, dry and only slightly oily. It’s coated with a thin shell of flour, so the flavour and texture of the scratchings-like skin is retained. The skin holds the dense, honey-like sauce well too – the Yum Yum sauce is sweet, very slightly spicy, and mildly garlicky; the Soy is equally thick and sweet, balanced out by the saltiness of the soy; and the garlic chicken is the spiciest, with fresh chopped garlic mixed into the Yum Yum or Soy sauces. Past the light, crisp skin are moist chunks of thoroughly marinated chicken (plenty of thigh meat) so you will still be satisfied if you pick the non-sauced original. You can ask for the sampler platter (boneless chicken – original, yum yum and soy chicken; nine pieces for $20) to come with the garlic versions (on its own, 11 bone-in pieces for $17; boneless $19), but you’ll be charged extra for requesting four instead of three types. Be warned, this casual 40-plus seater gets packed with residential clients, even on a Monday – they serve other dishes, of course.
Recommended for
Ala Carte, Dinner, Lunch
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$25 for 2 pax
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