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Wuhan Steamboat City

Wuhan Steamboat City is a Chinese steamboat restaurant located at Central.

Daily: 11:00 - 23:00

+65 62255262
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The new location of WUHAN BBQ Steamboat is at:
93/95 Owen Road. SG218907.
Tel: 9857 1342.
Parking is plenty at the HDB car park..

Value for money buffet!!

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20 Jun 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower


It was our 4th anniversary, we were talking about where to go for dinner for only 2 of us, my hubby likes China hot-spicy hot pot/steamboat, we actually wanted to go Clarke Quay, can walk walk there after dinner, but I suddenly remembered the Auntie Lucy's advertisment on Channel 8, hence decided to have a try but did not check the review online. On the way, I checked the actual address and made a call to confirm where the shop is now. When we reached there, Owen road, a very quiet street, a few uncles were outside at the shop dringking tea, looks like food court type of feeling, and we were the first customer at the day, later 8 pax family came, that's all for that night. The conveyor belt is something fun but the food is just not OK, fresh meat only provided mutton and beef, no port belly, we did not satisfy the 3 kinds of soup too, pickle soup, tamato, hot-spicy, we did not even touch the tamato soup, the pickle sour soup can drink, hot-spicy (mala) is not too our taste at all, we had to add some chilli padi, chinese spice (hua jiao), plus some chilli paste, after cooking for a while, the soup taste bitter, I talked to the waitress lady, she says “不可能吧?not possible the soup become bitter‘, my husband then added some fish sauce, light soya sauce...the watermelon was even not fresh at all, the skin goes rotten, sigh...I definitely throw out even I happen to store watermelon until like that, we finished our dinner there, full but not satified. Good points, ambience is OK, black duck HUBEI ZHOU HEI YA is good, the chef cooked sour-sweet fish for us (3 tables only), beef/mutton were fresh but nothing else. Somemore we paid S$25 per pax plus 7% GST, plus 10% service charge, the most expensive HOT POT we eat ever, really a bad choce made by me. That is why I titled 1st and last time to go Wuhan Steamboat City. That is maybe why they moved out from the Central clarke quay to quiet Owen road. 
29 Apr 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower


The new location of WUHAN BBQ Steamboat is at:
93/95 Owen Road. SG218907.
Tel: 9857 1342.
Parking is plenty at the HDB car park..

Value for money buffet!!
17 Feb 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

WORST dining experience!

HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED. try at your own risk. service is extremely lousy. LADY BOSS is very rude and not customer oriented. she only cares about filling up seats in her restaurant, and neglects BASIC service.

our dining experience:

My bf and I decided to give it a try on valentine's day. we were being ushered in by the lady boss who seemed to be friendly, only to realise we've been conned by her smile. our evening was totally ruined by her.

we ordered spicy, chicken and tom yam soup base. after cooking some veg, golden mushrooms and beancurd skin in the tom yam soup and tasted it, we realised they have served the wrong soup (tomato instead of tom yam). we seeked assistance from the lady boss, she told us that it is impossible to change the soup after we have started cooking, and we should inform them immediately when they just served the soup, and she walked off. we were stunned by her reply. we are unable to differentiate as both soups are of the same color, that is also why the soup was served wrongly by their staff!

so we called her again and debated. it was stated on the order chit that we placed for tom yam. but she insisted we should request to change when they just served the soup, and walked off again.

we got frustrated. we called her for the 3rd time, demanding her to change our soup. she went to the kitchen, took some chilli padi and lemon grass in a bowl, threw into our soup and walked away without saying a word.

we called her again, expecting an explanation for her rude actions. she replied that by adding the spices is the way to cook tom yam soup. just like adding in chicken for chicken soup, fish for fish soup. by then we were too frustrated and lost our appetite. the lady boss did not apologise at all throughout the whole incident. instead we were blamed for not requesting to change the soup immediately and not being flexible to what's being served wrongly. in the end we paid $55 for a piece of cold fried chicken, few veg/mushroms, few mouthful of bland chicken soup and LOUSY SERVICE.

04 Dec 2011 • 259 reviews • 7 followers


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The deepest impression people would have about Wuhan Steamboat City would be its advertisement by Aunty Lucy. However, this seemingly did not improve its business and on a Saturday afternoon, Wuhan Steamboat City was pretty deserted.

Wuhan Steamboat City offers both cooked and raw food. Cooked food included glutinous rice dumplings, pickled cucumbers, braised items like duck wings, duck necks and tofu, deep fried items like chicken wings, samosa, spring rolls, dumplings. For the raw items, there were the usual seafood offerings like prawns, squids, cuttlefish, fish. Others include chicken, sliced pork and beef, oyster mushrooms, golden mushrooms, Shitake mushrooms, dumplings, yam, potatoes, lotus roots, various vegetables etc. There weren’t any exotic or unique choices.

Soup wise, the flavours offered were Chicken, Seafood, Tom Yam, Spicy and Tomato. We tried the Chicken, Seafood and Tom Yam flavours. The Tom Yam flavoured broth was the tastiest, providing a satisfying level of spiciness and sourness. It was a good alternative to the Spicy flavour which tended to be too oily. However, the Tom Yam flavour also felt like the one loaded with the most MSG and we moved on to the more bland chicken and seafood flavours after a while.

On the whole, we felt that there was nothing too special about this Wuhan Steamboat City. It felt like a typical local steamboat affair with no element of Wuhan injected into its concept. The cooked dishes were unimpressive and the variety of food seemingly limited. The only draw was the fact that we did not have to walk around to take our ingredients. Service staff weren’t exactly friendly and helpful too.

The lunch buffet on a Saturday costs $19.90 per pax. There’s an additional charge of $1 per pax for free flow of drinks.

15 Oct 2011 • 11 reviews • 19 followers

Better than expected

Boyfriend and I were stuck at The Central during a sudden downpour on a weekday evening, steamboat sounds like a good option in the rainy weather. Saw Aunty Lucy's poster from level 3, review seems bad but decided to give it a try.

Soft drinks and chinese tea are charged at $1 for free flow. Filipino waitress was quite friendly, took our orders for sliced meat and 2 plates of beef & chicken was served together with a plate of crab in 5 minutes. For 2 pax, we were offered variety of 3 soups in a pot. We picked 麻辣, seafood broth and Tom Yam. Seafood was very bland, 麻辣 was fairly spicy, Tom Yam was okay.

Was quite surprised by the range of food on the belts. There were cooked dishes and desserts like Glutinous rice balls, pandan cake (which was VERY random), samosa, fried Man Tou, sausages nuggets etc. Raw dishes were pretty standard singapore steamboat buffet selections like crabsticks, sotong balls, golden mushrooms, chicken fillets, fish fillets and stuffs.

The cooked dishes were definitely a plus points cos the raw dishes wasn't of a large variety. Empty plates were cleared fast. They didn't refill my chinese tea often though.

Not a bad experience considering that we weren't really expecting much from them.