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Xi Men Ding (Vivocity)

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Ximending specialises in authentic Taiwanese favourites. They serve Taiwanese home style dishes such as fried oysters with vegetables, radish and egg pancake and san bei chicken with basil.

Daily: 12:00 - 22:00

$24 based on 30 submissions
Lunch (6 votes), Children/Family (5 votes), Dinner (4 votes)

Decent for a simple meal

This review is on Ximending located at Raffles City:

K and I had a quick dinner here recently and though not exactly mind-blowing, the food was pretty decent.

Being a signature dish, I would've very much preferred the 三杯鸡 (san bei chicken with basil $17.90) to be more full-bodied with an aroma of Chinese wine but this rendition was passable nonetheless. However, it's a little pricey considering the quality of the dish.

For some fibre, we chose 大肠四季豆 (french beans with crispy intestines $9.90), which was very savory with a generous amount of dried shrimps. The well-flavored intestines provided an interesting texture to the crunchy beans too.

Both dishes went well with plain rice ($1.00) and the meal turned out to be enjoyable despite its simplicity.

Service was prompt and efficient, but too bad the restaurant didn't serve water for free and wet towel cost $0.30 each.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Oysters in Black Bean Sauce1 vote
  • Pork belly with mui choi on noodles1 vote
  • Porridge and Wu xiang1 vote
  • Seafood soup1 vote
  • beef noodles1 vote
  • 菜圃蛋 (Egg Omlette with preserved vege),滷肉 (Braised pork),清炒番薯葉 (Stir Fry Potato Leave with garlic)1 vote
Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 30 votes
16 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower


Sep 13, 2014, we decided to have dinner our dinner with my friends at Ximending...the food is not bad but comes with very HORRIBLE service. A lady manager named Limin attitude is so bad and should not be placed as restaurant manager/supervisor. As we are neither singaporean nor taiwanese, we are not familiar with some dessert which is named in chinese. We would like to order our dish based on the number stated but Limin insisted that we cannt order by the number but need to speak out the dish name with her moody tone. Is this what we should expect from a restaurant that cost almost sgd50/person? I came back home and start researching the restaurant feedback and found that this lady has been complained in many websites and some even have management acknowledgement since 2013 but today she is still there...this restaurant is not popular and having negative feedback all over the place. If management does not take serious action, you may want to consider your business continuity unless you are not-for-profit organization!!!
26 Apr 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Just not worth it

The service was poor. The dishes we ordered were cold. And it was also expensive. Have to say it was extremely disappointing. We will NEVER go there again.
08 Apr 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Not worth it

Was in vivo city for a 7pm movie. was looking for quick meal before meeting my friend for the show. 

Decided on ximending as it is very near GV. 

I was there alone. Service was Ok. considering that it was abit before dinnertime, so there's only 1 waitress on the floor. Service was pretty prompt. 

As I was there alone, I din get to order alot. 
I ordered the Lor Bar noodles, and deep fried tofu. 

Both were a letdown. 

Especially the tofu. or should i say Tougua. It was tasteless. Bland. Period. like our normal market tougua bought market. NOT tofu, at least tofu is softer and smoother. 1 pcs, just chopped into smaller peices. served with a sweet chili sauce. it is totally not worth it for like $7+++...

The noodles was better. The lorbar was quite nice. it is soft and the fats melt in your mouth. But tats is. the noodles itself was a HUGE letdown. limp and lame. ZERO Q-ness. priced at ard $9+++, the portion was quite small, and just like 2 or 3 slices of the pork. 

i do not regret visiting them. so i will NEVER return again. 
18 Feb 2013 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Disgraceful service

We went to this restaurant on 11feb 2013 at 12noon. The place was practically empty with only 5 tables and 10 persons sitting in the restaurant and already with so little people to serve, the service by the staff was atrocious.   Firstly, the female manager Limin ignored us while we were standing outside waiting to be seated on many empty tables. It was not like the restaurant was fully packed and there were no tables available. Its just bad form and manager Limin's attitude that was unaccepatble to us.   Next was when we started to order. I made a wave about 3 times to catch the attention of the staff to order my food. 2 managers Vincent Ep and female manager again Limin and another lady trainee staff all looked at me on all 3 occassions but all refused to walk towards me to take my order.   What really annoyed us was the fact that both managers actually made eye contact when i was calling out to them but refused to walk towards us and take our order. Worst thing is, they do not understand basic courtesy of gesturing back to a customer to wait, or inform them that they will come back later. We were left waiting there to wonder if they have seen us gesture to take our orders even. These kind of attitude should not be found in service staff, least in a restaurant. In fact, we were really tempted at that time to just walk out the restaurant and go to tung luk opposite.     It was not untill i had to call out loudly to them from my table "can someone take my order" before the trainee staff walked to me to take my order. By then, people around my table were already looking at these managers as well and some of their faces were appalled too.   Food is alright but service is disgraceful and no one especially a customer should be treated with such disdain and disrespect. We will not go back again.
The management of Xi Men Ding responded to this review:
16 Jul 2013
Dear Nawnew10, thank you for your valued patronage. We are appalled to learn of the service attitude of the managers and would like to apologize for that unpleasant experience. Please be assured that customer feedback is of the utmost importance to us and that we will issue a stern warning to the personnel involved in this incident. We hope to be able to serve you again soon.
17 Oct 2011 • 721 reviews • 85 followers

Not sure if it is food from Taiwan Ximen

Enjoying a day out at Vivo when we were attracted to this rather busy restaurant serving Taiwanese food.

Ambience: What impressed me was the dining table - beautifully grained wood and comfortable chairs. Set like a modern Chinese tea house.

Food: Ordered the beef noodle, lots of beef but the was unfamiliar with the taste, probably because I prefer the Cantonese style of beef brisket. It had a strong overlay of asian spices, overwhelming the Chinese taste. Noodles were soft and spongy in a not too rich stock. Also had the three layer pork belly with "mui choi" Tasty meats and veg. Could not finish noodles.

Value: Not low priced but lots of beef.

Service: Acceptable.

The management of Xi Men Ding responded to this review:
17 Jan 2013
Dear Weighty Man, we appreciate your valued patronage and are pleased the interior furnishings are agreeable with you. Your criticisms on the dishes you have ordered have been acknowledged by us, in particular, the beef noodles. We will communicate accordingly to the head chefs to further improve the quality of our cuisines and look forward to serving you again!