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Asian, Chinese, Fusion
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Daily: 12:00 - 15:00

Daily: 17:30 - 22:30

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Xi Yan is a Chinese restaurant that serves only what's fresh of the day at the market, and only one sitting for lunch and dinner will be served to ensure quality and consistency. The menu will also be delicately planned by the chef everyday.

What others are eating here

Prawn balls in egg white with chinese wine
Prawn balls in egg white with chinese wine
Pagoda dongpo pork with preserved vegetables & mushroom
Pagoda dongpo pork with preserved vegetables & mushroom
Birds nest egg white custard in coconut juice
Birds nest egg white custard in coconut juice
Crispy taro paste with diced abalone
Crispy taro paste with diced abalone
Lemongrass chrysanthemum fish
Lemongrass chrysanthemum fish
  • Farmhouse tomatoes in wasabi sesame sauce 2 votes
  • Angel hair tofu & mushroom soup 1 vote
  • Foie Gras Somen 1 vote
  • Japanese almond pudding with fresh fruits 1 vote
  • Kim Chi Crab with Melted CHeese and Shanghai Rice sticks 1 vote
  • Kimchi Lobster with Mozerella 1 vote
  • Pagoda Dongpo Pork Belly with Preserved Veg Stuffing & Mushrooms 1 vote
  • Pagoda dongpo pork with preserved vegetables & mushroom 1 vote
  • Prawn balls in egg white with chinese wine 1 vote
  • Shrimp paste fried fish with pomelo salad 1 vote
  • Spicy braised beef 1 vote
  • Starting dish Jap tomatoes with wasabe/sake/sesame sauce 1 vote
  • Xi Yan Tang Yuan 1 vote
  • desserts 1 vote
  • salivating chicken 1 vote
  • salivating chicken with konnyaku noodles 1 vote
  • tofu icecream 1 vote
  • tomatoes 1 vote

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Fine dining in a nice home

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 58

A dining experience here is like entertaining guests at home. The décor is like an art gallery, tables are spaced out, and you choose the set menu when making the reservation. The food is creative, although not all dishes are successful.

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My most memorable dinning experience in Xi Yan (Xi Yan 6th Anniversary Dinner)

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 2

In the month of October, I was dinning at Xi Yan, This month happen to be Xi Yan 6th Anniversary. Jacky Yu, personally flew in from Hong Kong to introduce his new award-winning creations.

These are the few mouth watering dishes that still linger on my taste buds, long after the experience.

Crispy taro paste with diced abalone, the taste of this dish is traditional but very refine and refreshing.

Angel hair tofu & mushroom soup, this is an award winning dish. The tofu is sliced to the finest of the hair. I can really taste the freshness of soya bean and it melt in my mouth.

Prawn balls in egg white with chinese wine, the freshness of the prawns steams with beaten egg white with a dash of chinese wine to enhance the taste of the dish. This is so tasty

Pagoda dongpo pork with preserved vegetables & mushroom, this is another award winning dish. This dish is artfully presented as a pyramid with a stuffing of preserved vegetables & mushroom.

Last but not least.....dessert

Birds nest egg white custard in coconut juice. Ladies' all time favourite.

I'm so looking forward to my next dinning in Xi Yan.



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Private Dining

Food/Drink N/A | Value N/A | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 82

Located on the second floor of a shophouse in Chinatown, Xi Yan ( ) offers discreet dining in an elegant setting. Paintings flank the entrance and walls. I love the serving dishes used at Xi Yan. Obviously clear thought has been put in to not just the food, but the presentation of the food. Even the tea cups are distinct, with each guest having a tea cup with different motif. It would be a venue to bring overseas business associates or in-laws…!! Max capacity is 60+ heads and advance reservation is needed.


We were a party of 7. The server thoughtfully provided additional chairs for our bags. The chef decides the menu : ) and menus are refreshed weekly.


The meal started with Xi Yan’s signature tomatoes in wasabi sesame sauce. The tomatoes were huge, juicy and succulent, and the sesame sauce provided interesting contrast. The wasabi was barely discernible. A very refreshing dish. It was followed by ginseng, red date and chicken soup. The soup was full bodied and flavourful.


Next up was the stewed beef with tangerine peel. This was my favourite dish of the day. Beef was tender and well marinated. While the salivating chicken with century eggs and konnyaku noodles was a sight for the eyes, it did not strike a chord with me. The noodles were tossed with chilli oil and you can specify mild, medium or hot level of spiciness. We settled for medium level and it turned out to be rather spicy.


The lemongrass chrysanthemum fish was a sight to behold (it basically was fish that had been sliced into thin strips, deep fried to resemble the chrysanthemum flower) and required culinary skill to execute, however, I was unable to taste the fish as the strips were thin and had been deep fried.


Dessert was poached pears with good texture and an appropriate level of sweetness.


Visited Xi Yan on couple of other occasions. Two dishes that are indelibly engraved in my mind are beef and sweet potato stew and steamed fish on bed of hor fun (flat rice noodles). Beef and sweet potato sounds strange companions but the dish was wonderful. Both the beef and sweet potato had been stewed to just melt-in-your mouth and the flavors complemented each other perfectly. The steamed fish rested on a bed of hor fun and the juices of the fish was absorbed by the hor fun. A stunning dish.


Also to add that the jasmine tea that was served was very fragrant and smooth. Xi Yan imports their tea leaves from Hong Kong.

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