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Yamada Restaurant & Sushi Bar



At YAMADA , we believe in providing the highest quality of service and to provide our clients with a traditional Japanese culinary experience with a touch of Singapore flair. We believe that Japanese cuisine is an art form and we strive to offer our clients a unique experience with not only our creativity in the preparation of our dishes, but in the presentation as well.

Daily: 11:00 - 22:00

+65 62277648
$25 based on 14 submissions
Dinner (5 votes), Lunch (5 votes), After Work (3 votes)
Aldora EnEn

Decent Lunch Place

For detailed reviews with photos, pls visit:

The place was rather decent and the prices for the lunch sets are very reasonable. The food and service were acceptable but overall, it lacks the WOW factor somehow.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Sashimi2 votes
  • Gindara + Grill Chicken set1 vote
  • Mussel Soup1 vote
  • Oishii Maki1 vote
  • Sesame Ice Cream1 vote
  • bento sets1 vote
  • duck ramen1 vote
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08 Dec 2013 • 58 reviews • 13 followers

Decent Lunch Place

For detailed reviews with photos, pls visit:

The place was rather decent and the prices for the lunch sets are very reasonable. The food and service were acceptable but overall, it lacks the WOW factor somehow.
13 Mar 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

Rip off

first and last time. Ordered their Tonkatsu bento, instead of having a whole piece of pork chop, they used about 2 to 3 thin slices of meat bind and fried together called it tonkatsu. 

The price is not cheap. I agreed with the otehr reviewer, i have eaten better food court food

Don't even bother.
20 Apr 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

Worse than food courts!

Food: Fried chicken was very dry (totally shrivelled), very old and unfresh. Salmon sashimi was not cut properly and also not fresh. Portion was also small.

Service: Lousy service particularly from the Philippinos. First (male Filippino) staff assumed that I had a table of friends waiting for me as I wailed several times that I needed a table for two. Second (female Filippino) staff refused to let me have a seat, citing that not all parties have arrived yet. (Note: I was just waiting for one other friend). Third (female Filippino) staff poured soya sauce all over my arm (I highly suspect it's on purpose) and went off saying that she'd go get wet wipes, but did not - she moved on to serving other tables. No problem with the Chinese staff - prompt refilling of green tea. A table of two customers beside us was being asked to leave while they were still having tea and chatting - reason given: they need to give the seats to other customers (Note: We saw plenty of empty seats available outside the restaurant)

Price: Expensive for sub-standard quality and lousy ambience - tables are so close together that it was noisier than a wet market. Everyone was shouting their lungs out.

Conclusion: Do NOT visit this restaurant. One can find much better food and ambience given the price paid (S$40 for 2 lunch sets).

29 Nov 2011 • 1942 reviews • 259 followers

casual Japanese dining

Looking for a Japanese place around the Raffles place area, I settled on Yamada Restaurant. From the outside, I had the impression it was one of those pricey places so it was a pleasant surprise that it ended up being more of a casual relaxing eatery.

I started with the Pitan Tofu ($4) topped with flying fish roe. The century egg made a good palette opener with the roe providing a popping bite at the end.

Sashimi Moriwase ($15) which came with tuna, swordfish and salmon belly. The sushi was quite fresh although not thoroughly thawed so there was still some frozen bits.

I also tried the Sake Aburi ($4), seared salmon sushi topped with salmon roe. One cannot go wrong with seared salmon or tuna.

I then had the Fugu Mirin ($15), which was grilled puffer fish. I found the puffer fish to be more deeply grilled than normal but it still had the regular chewy bite to it.

For my main course I tried the Yamada Ramen ($12). The tonkatsu based soup was not as heavy as normal. The char xiu was also a little tough (overdone).

Ended the meal with Yuzu Ice Cream ($6) - a light refreshing way to end the meal.

Overall, I found the food alright, but what stands out here is its really good price point. Service was acceptable, what one would expect in a casual dining eatery.

30 Jun 2011 • 152 reviews • 9 followers

great Japanese food here

This is a popular lunch spot among the office people in the area. Being in CBD, dinner time was relatively quiet, just perfect for a Friday evening.

Yamada's Spicy Ramen with Duck and Egg SGD12++

This ramen was an unassuming one. First sip of the broth, I was very pleased. So flavourful, not greasy and carried a little spicy undertone.

Duck slices were tender, the soft yolk and the white around it was well ‘braised’. A must-try here.

Bento Set A SGD15.90++ - Chicken Teriyaki, Salmon Sashimi, Agedashi, Miso Soup and Rice

The thick salmon sashimi slices were really fresh, yum!And chicken teriyaki worth a mention. Not only the meat is well seasoned and grilled through, tender inside and super crispy skin outside, no fat layer at all!

I will return here for their sushi range next time. for pictures