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Reviews for Yan Ting

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Dim sum classics perfected

Summarising the entire experience, YT makes pretty darn good classic dim sum dishes like the char siew sou, har gau, rice rolls and char siew baos. They also dish up several novel and interesting dishes like their salted egg yolk prawns (which are served atop a bed of egg whites in a filo pastry cup) and the sesame ball with malt balls chocolate.

However their prices tend to be a little steep for several dishes like their custard buns, xiao long bao and steamed cake with egg custard. The quality of these items did not justidy the hefty price tag. They also have a pretty limited range of steamed dim sums. 

On the overall there were more hits than misses, so it's definitely worth a visit. Do concentrate on the basics though cause the others might prove to be a disappointment.

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Salted egg yolk buns
08 Nov 2014 • 6 reviews • 0 follower

St Regis Singapore : Yan Ting

I felt we were not appropriately dressed for such a pristine place. My husband only called me on the road for lunch at St Regis while I was picking our children up from their extra-curriculum activities. My younger girl was in her CCA's full uniform while my older girl was in T-shirt and tights which resembled pyjamas to me. We spent a good ten minutes in the immaculate marbled washroom doing our best to fix the situation before showing up at Yan Ting. The waiter ushered us in pleasantly. On our part, it was a nice relief to realize that no one was judging us for our dressing. My husband wa
07 Nov 2014 • 87 reviews • 0 follower

Improvements shown in their Weekend Dim Sum Brunch Buffet!

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Most of the food here were quite good now compared to my previous visit in June 2014. 
There was only a few tables on that day i visited, probably it's due to the price increased from $98++ to $108++ per person now. So the service for me on that day was quite prompt since there's no crowd.
Waiting time for the food was within 10-15 mins while some of the items waited for more than 20 mins. As there was no crowd + the buffet is only for 2 hours, the waiting
09 Sep 2014 • 51 reviews • 0 follower

Expensive Chinese Food

My personal opinion of Yan Ting is that the most prominent features are the price and the ambience of grandeur.   The steamed dim sum items are the weak links of this place since the skin of the dim sum is dry and the taste is a tad too plain. The other dishes like the beancurd roll, custard bun and seafood noodles are good.  They are not too salty but extremely flavourful.  My only grip with the dim sum items (not including the steamed ones) is that they are generic in variety, seriously lacking in creativity.  There is no dish that is particularly different from those in other