#01-28/29, Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, 247933
Asian, Beer, Indian, North Indian, South Indian, Vegetarian, Wines
+65 68363088

Daily: 12:00 - 15:00

Mon - Fri: 18:30 - 22:00

Sat & Sun: 18:30 - 23:00

$47 based on 56 submissions
Lunch (21 votes), Dinner (18 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (16 votes) ...

Yantra located at Tanglin Mall and specialises in North Indian cuisine. They also offer lunch buffet from Mondays to Thursdays.

What others are eating here

  • Chicken Bharta 5 votes
  • Dum Biryani 4 votes
  • Stuffed Grilled Mushroom 3 votes
  • Yantra lamb curry 3 votes
  • buffet 3 votes
  • everything 2 votes
  • Ab-e-Hayat 1 vote
  • Butter chicken 1 vote
  • Carrot Halwa 1 vote
  • Chicken Kali Mirch 1 vote
  • Garlic Naan 1 vote
  • Gulab Jamun 1 vote
  • Jeera Aloo 1 vote
  • Kathi rolls 1 vote
  • Malai Kulfi 1 vote
  • Mango Rasamalai 1 vote
  • Murg Makhani 1 vote
  • Naan 1 vote
  • Palak Paneer 1 vote
  • Shahi Gulab Jamu 1 vote
  • Vegetable Briyani 1 vote
  • bhindi gobi 1 vote
  • chicken tikka 1 vote
  • desserts 1 vote
  • paneer in black pepper sauce 1 vote
  • salads 1 vote
  • tandoori chicken 1 vote
  • tandoori pomfret 1 vote
  • vegetable curry 1 vote
  • vegetable yellow curry 1 vote

Latest Review for Yantra

Overall RatingBased on 53 reviews
Most helpful review:

Great Indian Food - Fine dining envt

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 214

Having heard so much about the food here, I did not hesitate when the fiance suggested to check out the food here when even his indian colleagues highly recommend this place.

Unable to resist the temptation of dining here again, Panerai joined for dinner too!

It was indeed high points on ambience and decor where one will not equate to the usual Indian dining joints. Depending on the location of the table, one can get a nice view of the tandoor ovens where the chefs are busy working.

1) Chicken Kali Mirch

Chicken chunks marinated in a mix of chilli paste, garlic, ginger and pepper. The chicken chunks were tender and well marinated. Addictive stuff.

2) Dahakte Jhinga

Grilled tiger prawns (un-shelled) marinated in spiced vinegar served on sizzling hot plate. Prawns were fresh and not overcooked.

3) Rogan Josh

Traditional North Indian mutton curry, standard order at any Indian food outlets we patronize. Mutton was tender with not 'funny' taste, not that I am very sensitive to it though. Curry not very spicy and thus good for people who do not have high spice tolerance.

4) Garlic naan and Vegetable Briyani

Garlic naan is fragrant and served hot. Not to be taken for granted as I do get naan served warm or luke warm elsewhere before.

Vegetable Briyani has a good mix of veg and fragrant too. One of the good briyani around.

All the items above were good stuff, but if I had to choose, it will be the Chicken Kali Mirch. Must try.

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Used to be my favourite Indian Restaurant

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 6

Instead of grumbling about how bad my last experience was - here's a little focus on what may have changed.

1. Perhaps the chef
- some of the dishes seem to be the same, except there is a better presentation. Spoonfuls of food, little bowls, cups all add up to more artisan experience. However the taste isn't the same ever since Yantra got renovated. Some of the items were less spicy and more salty. A beautiful looking fried fish was so bland that i regretted taking it. This leads to a possible 2nd issue:

2. Perhaps the supplier
- The curries were bland. A lot more bland except for the mutton that was as tender and flavourful as before. Was it a decision to tone down the spices for a more international crowd? Flavours seemed watered down - overall a lot less spicy, but definitely a big letdown. The gulab jamun, which is usually one of the best at Yantra was a lot harder to cut and less sweet than before. The ice cream quality thankfully remains the same (Yes normally buffet ice creams aren't worth reviewing, but Yantra's ice creams are pretty good and worth saving some space for)

The food quality as a result was comparable to the cheaper indian buffet restaurants around the island. Not worth the new standard $30 pricing. While the variety, ambience and food presentation improved - cost cutting is evident. Clearly not in a place where customers' aren't picky about paying more for great food quality. Yantra's quality and flavour of food before and after renovation is pretty obvious.

Service - is bad? I would say - understandable. The waiters/waitresses respond v.well if customers are polite to them. Certainly not the same when customers are rude or snobbish. Good that Yantra's service is still honest. People actually pay to enjoy rude customer service at NYC burger joints that opened up here. It really isn't that bad that Yantra.

I really miss the old rich taste in food. Although it is a buffet, Yantra is a place where i wouldn't focus on stuffing myself since the quality was good enough for a single round. Now however, it is comparable to those Serangoon Road buffet places that caters more to the quantity over quality crowd. 

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Worst customer service

Food/Drink N/A | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

First of all I dint dine here .. So no comments on the food quality n ambience ... 

Made an online reservation at Saturday night for Sunday lunch 1 PM...  There was no confirmation email sent on my reservation untill 11.30 PM Sunday .. When I was on my way to restaurant, received a call from them at 12pm jus to hear that my reservation is cancelled due to unavailability ...
One of the worst ever service I have come across .. 

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