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Hoongy !
 • 03 Mar 2014 1876 reviews 257 followers
When I was previously dining at a sushi restaurant at Mandarin Gallery, I heard a chef talking about Yoshiyuki. When a chef from a different restaurant sings praises on another restaurant serving similar (although not quite the same) cuisine, it was definitely a reason for me to check out the place.

I went for the Kaiseki Lunch ($88),and the meal started with the Sakizuke, a light mix of boiled King crab with Japanese parsley.

The second course was the Tsukuri, Japanese white fish wrapped in seaweed. Also a another refreshing starter.

The fish for the season was the tuna, and the next course was fresh raw blue tuna and tuna belly with freshly grated wasabi. The tuna belly was a little on the chewy side.

For the next dish, one could choose between the Yakimono, stewed fish, or the Takiwase, a stewed daikon with fresh water eel. Feels the stomach up to a certain extent.

And if your stomach is not yet filled up, the next dish of Shokuji, or Asari rice will definitely fill you up.

Dessert was a light vanilla ice cream to end the meal.

Overall, while portions may seem small, it filled up the stomach rather quickly. Food quality and ingredients were fresh with a generally homely taste to it.

Service was also efficient and the chef is very friendly and happy to answer any questions one might have.

I spent $118 per person.

I also recommend this place for:
Dinner, Fine Dining, Lunch
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