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Back to Your Woul Korean RestaurantGoldHill Centre, 165A Thomson Road
 • 25 Jun 2013 130 reviews 8 followers
One of my favourite dishes in Korea was dakgalbi, spicy stir-fied chicken (the English description do little justice to the dish, but it is simply that).

I found out from ieatishootipost that Your Woul serves dakgalbi so I headed down to Your Woul with a few of my friends just for their dakgalbi. Unfortunately, it wasn't the dakgalbi we know in the Korea. Instead of a simpel stir-fried dish on a large pan with chunks of chicken, rice cakes, cabbage and spicy sauce. This has carrots, onions and other kinds of vegetables in it. The most disappointing thing is that chicken was in miserable strips.

Nonetheless, the best part of the meal was when we decided to add rice to the pan after the gravy has simmered down to a thick sauce to the amusement of the Korean lady owner. She mentioned that this is the Korean way to eat it and happily help us stir fry the rice and thick gravy and even added seaweed for us. That last bit really brought us back to Korea.

The Sundubu Jjigae here is not bad but they have beef in it instead of white clams. Banchan was refillable and decent.

However, do be informed that Your Woul doesn't serve water, a bottle of mineral water of coke would cost you 3 SGD, so bring your own water!

Overall, the food is not bad here but its slightly pricey. THe sundubu jjigae cost 12.00+ SGD (with rice) and the dakgalbi cost 39.00+ SGD.

I spent $19 per person.

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  • Sundubu Jjigae
  • Banchan : Sausage Slices
  • Banchan : Kimchi
  • Dakgalbi

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