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Yunnan Garden Restaurant has relocated.

(Relocated) Yunnan Garden Restaurant (云南园)


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Company D&D

Total Reviews: 58

2nd December - Company D&D Night which is also the last day of my internship with the company ^_^

More photos at my blog

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Halal? Sure or Not

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Yunan Garden is halal? Took a look at the website and they are serving Pork Floss dishes....How come it is categorized in the halal column? So confusing for Muslim/islam people...

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Lobster Noodle is good!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Review: 1

Yunan Restaurant at one-north is a good place to bring family for a good meal at good value. I like the lobster noodle there. Crispy noodle is my children's favourite. The lobster portion is just nice for a single person portion. Their Fried ice cream is another favourite for kids. Crispy on the outside, with nice, cool ice cream inside. Service is average.

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okay dimsum

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 131

we went to yunnan garden on f1 sunday on the surprise suggestion of my partner (usually im the one who has to figure out where to go). and the thought of dimsum! i love dimsum.

anyway, we had:

Braised e-fu noodle with dried scallop and golden mushroom

Yunnan steamed prawn dumpling

Siew mai with mushroom

Fresh scallop dumpling with prawn

Spare ribs with black bean sauce

Prawn with mango roll

Beancurd skin roll with fresh prawn

the braised e-fu noodle was a feature in their main menu. my partner and i quite enjoyed this dish, though in my opinion he probably enjoyed it more than i. the dish was actually rather simple, but good. just eefu noodles with mushrooms. i dont particularly remember the dried scallop though. my partner thought it was a very comforting dish i.e. in the sort of familiar, homecooked eefu noodle taste. i thought it went very well the cut green chilli provided by the restaurant. the cut green chilli was actually the best ive ever had. i guess it was an okay portion, but the small size wont feed more than two people.

the yunnan steamed prawn dumpling was okay. good servings of prawn in each dumpling but the skin was a little too thick.

the siew mai was also okay - but it was quite oily. which was surprising for something that was supposed to be steamed. the filling was okay, it wasnt too salty or anything like that. i suppose it was decently tasty.

the fresh scallop dumpling with prawn was average. it wasnt a dish that stood out, but not that we could find any particular fault with it.

the spare ribs were a major let down. oily and full of fat. it actually got abit tedious to eat and the pork taste was slightly overwhelming. i think crystal jade still serves up the best - in terms of the amount of meat on the spare ribs.

we had two selections of fried dim sum - prawn with mango roll and beancurd skin roll with fresh prawn. both were exceedingly oily. the prawn with mango roll was nice, but i think its common enough to get anywhere. the beancurd skin roll with fresh prawn was average. my partner didnt enjoy both particularly because it was too oily and basically spent alot of time trying to blot of the oil. i thought their in house chilli sauce (not the chili oil) went okay with the dim sum served. if you want mayonnaise you have to ask for it.

service was polite and prompt. ambience wise i suppose you cant blame the restaurant for being located in a somewhat odd spot and next to the jackpot room. the restaurant wasnt exactly empty when we came, it was around half full - so i think perhaps things are picking up for them.

secretly i was hoping that because i wasnt over-ordering this time that perhaps we'd get off easy on the bill. but it still wasnt that cheap! boohoo.

i think i would probably be back, but this visit wasnt particularly outstanding for the dimsum. they do have a pretty extensive lunch and dinner menu though.

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It's a whole new world - this One North

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 780

Friend invited us to lunch at Yunnan at One North and I did not even realise that the building existed. This greyish coloured building is occupied by the NTU Alumni and it is easily accesible from North Buona Vista Rd. Yunnan Garden is one of the restaurants serving food in the tradition of the old style Chinese food. Unpretentious. They were at Clementi Woods and then IMM and then I lost track of them.

Food: Continues to be consistently well prepared from good ingredients. Starter was dim sum. Outstanding dishes were their crispy skin chicken, stemaed red grouper, vegetables and pepper fried rice. Typical Singapore style Chinese food. All dishes were tasty

Ambience: Easy parking, quiet and tables set far apart from one another.

Value: I guess the lunch would be about $500 per table. Reasonble but not low priced.

Service: Seasoned captain and pleasant, mainly China waitresses contributed to the good overall service

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