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dining at Level 43

My friend chose italian food for her birthday, and most italian restaurants closes quite early but Zafferano was one of the few that opens till late on a Friday, so that was how this venue was decided.

This place sounded romantic and cosy, but actually it was pretty noisy and vibrant. All eyes were on the bar area, right in the middle of the restaurant, where the lighting centerpiece is located.

Happy hour was till 8pm, and a glass of prosecco goes for $8++.

Tap water is available and the warm loaf of bread served pre-dinner, was really nice.

Ordered squid ink risotto, braised iberico pork cheeks, beef tenderloin with foie gras and boston lobster pilaf rice.

The portion for pork cheeks and beef tenderloin was rather small. Liked the pork cheeks. Tender meat and homely taste. Baby carrots were well-cooked. The beef was done medium rare, and the pan-fried goose liver was nicely quivery.

All of us liked the Boston lobster and the gratinated creme fresche sauce. Yums. The pilaf rice with raisin and pine nuts helped to fill us up. Otherwise, we'd still be hungry.

Service was generally good, but sometimes they're just too busy attending to other diners. Short-handed?

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15 Oct 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Totally disconnected

I found the restaurant design is quite strange, specially when rent is such a premium, why they allocated such a lot of space for the 2 kitchens and relatively so little for dining?
I guess due to the 2 kitchens in glass boxes in the middle of the restaurant, the cooking smell is a real irritant.

Disconnection - Food

After seeing Seth Lui's review and food photos, I thought of trying this restaurant which is just a block away from where I live, but never visited due to unfavourable comments from my work colleagues.
I booked the restaurant using thier Hungrygowhere Reservation System.
Subsequently I wrote 2 e mails to verify if they serve Fiorentina alla brace. This was confirmed over the phone.
My German guest and I thought since the steak was for 2, will start with  Truffle Tagliatelle ($72) and Risotto Funghi ($28) to share. The pasta came, and suddenly the Italian Manager even without asking started to shave 'white' truffle! He had a scale on his garridon, but he did not weigh, did not ask, shaved and waliked away!! I know its too early for white truffle, so was not sure what it was, and definetely there was no aroma or taste of white truffle. 'I guess thats why its priced at $72.
Pasta was cold. Risotto was warm but bland.
Then came the much anticipated Steak. We were both surprised to see a rather thin and flat Short Rib Steak (no T bone,) and smothered with a red sauce:( I had specifically asked the server no sauce, only salt and pepper and charcoal grilled. She apologized for the oversight, so we decided to eat it anyway. I couldnt be bothered to take a photo to post in this review.
Absolutely dissapointing.
Disconnection - Service
When the bill came I told the Manager I did not order any truffle and the steak was not what was promised and the way it was cooked, he stared at me and said that it was his last working day there and he is joining another steak establsihment!!!
After a very dissapointing food and service experience we thought of checking out the fantastic looking outdoor deck, but on a Friday night there were only 4 other guests:( I guess we should have left, instead we had an after dinner drink and left, never to return.
12 Sep 2014 • 1937 reviews • 259 followers

Homely Authentic Italian Food with A View

  Zaffareno offers a great view with authentic Italian food.

At a recent visit, I started with the Insalata Zafferano ($18) -Romaine hearts, fennel, Roma tomatoes, shallot, beetroot, capsicum, brioche croutons and shallot cheese dressing. A light and refreshing way to start the meal.

From the pasta menu I tried the Ravioli di burrata ($24)- Light burrata ravioli with basil and tomato passata sauce and roasted tomato confit.
·         I also tried the Risotto al nero di seppia ($24)- Squid ink risotto with baby calamari, red wine reduction and tomatoes.

Finally, the Gnocchi di patate al gorgonzola e noci ($19) is ideal if you love the strong tasting gorgonzola cheese. Down to the main courses, most if it are designed for sharing.

I tried the Branzino cartoccio ($68)- a whole seabass cooked in paper with olives, capers, tomatoes and spring vegetables designed to share between 3-5 persons.

For the full monty, go for the  Fiorentina alla brace ($168)Charcoal grilled 900g black Angus t-bone steak with oyster mushrooms, shallots and bone marrow. Good to share between 3-5persons.

Lobster lovers would do well with the Astice alla busara ($86)- Boston lobster cooked with chili tomato sauce, pine nuts and served with raisin pilaf rice. 

Desserts - go for the homemade Tiramisu ($18) if you have some room to spare.

Well that you have it. Good food with a good view - what more can one ask for?

09 Sep 2014 • 51 reviews • 1 follower

Italian food with Unique, subtle Twists

Repost for changes

While there are quite a number of restaurants that boast of panoramic view at extremely high floor, but take note that not all have a beautiful scenery outside, especially if there are ugly buildings in sight. As for Zafferano, the location is excellent because the restaurant faces the Marina Bay, thus one can expect to see the Flyer, MBS, the beautiful sea, ships and planes flying by at a distance. The interior is modern and chic, yet not intimidating at all, which makes it a nice chill out place.   When it comes to food, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the food is very flavourful with subtle hints of unique twists added in. The tangy taste of the sauce used in the cured salmon salad works absolutely well to complement the crispy vegetables and cured salmon. In fact, this is one of the few times that I totally enjoyed tucking into a salad dish since most salads are very bland that makes me felt like I'm a rabbit eating grass, despite adding copious amount of sauce.    I knew that the sea bass with truffle infused mashed potato would be good the moment it arrived on the table when I caught the whiff of the aromatic truffle. I was proven right when I took my first bite; the pliable flesh of the fish was extremely fresh with zero hint of fishy smell, and the mashed potato imparted an extra dimension to the overall taste without overpowering the original taste and texture of the fish. After been to numerous restaurants, my impression is that European's style of preparation of fish is generally not up to par with that of Chinese, Japanese and North Indian. Exceptions are André, Robuchon and yes, Zafferano. The only thing that marred my savouring of the fish was that I found a fish bone in it, not exactly what I expected from a European restaurant.   The lemon crème with caramel is a very refreshing, creative and creamy dessert consisted of multiple, harmonious flavours: blissful sweetness (of just the right amount without overwhelming the palates), slight saltiness and cool tanginess. The crumbs add dimensions to the smooth texture of the beautiful ring of crème. Definitely thumbs up for this since I always appreciate bold creations of desserts that will still cater nicely to most palates.    The service is nice and friendly, especially one of the lady staff who was very prompt to refilling of water and responded to my requests.
  I am very impressed that even for a lunch menu (includes appetizer and main only), efforts are put into creation of the dishes, and for only $38, it is a real steal. Though take note that coffee and tea are not included in the set menu. There is a discount for early birds during happy hours. The food and ambience here won me over to go back.

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