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 • 04 Mar 2014 145 reviews 2 followers
One of the new Indian restaurant discoveries – Zaffron Kitchen has opened a new outlet at Westgate. I decided to try out their afternoon tea sets that are available from Friday till Sundays.
The restaurant is nicely decked out in modern flavour, with high ceilings and a nice bar, not out of place in an Italian restaurant. They even have alfresco seating, which reminded me of an Italian bistro, where you can sit and watch the world go by.
Back to the food… There were 3 afternoon tea sets available, all named after famous places in India. Each afternoon tea set was for two pax. My friends and I decided to try out two of their sets.
The food waon a three tier cake stand, and nicely presented in a almost bite-sized portion. It also came with a choice of Masala Tea or Teh Tarik for each of us. 

My set had the following:
- Tandoori Chicken Sandwich and Kebab wrap (The tandoori Chicken was very yummy! Also loved the kebab wrap!)
 - Mini Samosa, Pakoda and Vadai (Good that the pieces were for sharing, and were almost bite-sized)
 - The sweet stuff: Gulab Jamon, Mung Bean dessert and Chocolate cake
The other set had a portion of prata (which was nice and crispy) cut into 4 pieces for easy sharing. Thumbs up!

I will definitely recommend trying the afternoon tea sets, after shopping at Westgate. Definitely a better option to the usual coffee place to sit back and chill.

Must tries: Mini samosa, Pakoda, Vadai, tandoori chicken sandwich, kebab wrap

I also recommend this place for:
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining, Dinner, Lunch, Vegetarians, Wheelchair Friendly
I added 4 photos
  • A close up picture of the sweet stuff: Gulab Jamon, Mung Bean dessert and chocolate cake
  • A close up picture of the tandoori chicken sandwich and kebab wrap
  • A close up picture of mini samosa, Pakoda and Vadai
  • The 3 tier cake stand... Great Presentation!

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