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Z'en Japanese Cuisine

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Z'en Japanese Cuisine is located at UE Square and specialises in japanese cuisine.
Mon-Fri: 12pm - 2.30pm, 6pm - 12amSat-Sun: 6pm - 12am, Mon - Sat: 06:00 pm - 12:00 am, Sun: 05:00
$57 based on 46 submissions
Dinner (15 votes), After Work (10 votes), Buffet (10 votes)
Chris Tan

Wagyu beef !!!

good quiet place, away from the big crowd.  The buffet sashimi and wagyu beef is really good and will go back to eat there again.  And a good range of Japanese sake to choose. I prefer the outdoors and a good place where friends can eat , enjoy and talk.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Beef Shabu Shabu7 votes
  • Grill tenderloin steak4 votes
  • Buffet Shabu Shabu3 votes
  • Cheese Cake3 votes
  • Salmon Aburi Sushi3 votes
  • Bacon Wrapped Mochi1 vote
  • Business Lunch1 vote
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Based on 46 votes
04 Jan 2015 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Wagyu beef !!!

good quiet place, away from the big crowd.  The buffet sashimi and wagyu beef is really good and will go back to eat there again.  And a good range of Japanese sake to choose. I prefer the outdoors and a good place where friends can eat , enjoy and talk.
29 Oct 2014 • 1942 reviews • 259 followers

Good Value Set Lunch

I have walked past this place many times and finally decided to make on online reservation for lunch. The setting is a dark, cozy one with the vibe of a mid to fine dining environment which is popular with Japanese tai tais.

Looking at the different options, I decided to indulge myself with the Business Set Lunch ($35), which was the most premium of the options available.

The meal started with a pork belly salad. It was a generous portion of pork belly and was tasty, but definitely defied the word "healthy" being associated with "salads".

I then had the sushi and sashimi course, which consisted of salmon, tuna, prawn, swordfish and squid sushi together with slices of salmon, tuna and white fish tuna. Fish was fresh and the rice had a good level of vinegrette in it. Nice

Next was the Dobin Mushi, a tea pot soup that was also quite tasty itself.

This was followed by some prawn and vegetable tempura (tempura moriwase). The oil used was quite fresh and the prawns had a nice firm bite to it.

The main course was some beef and cod slides and finally for dessert, some light sorbet to end it all.

At this price point, I must say that portions are generous and one cannot complain.

15 Sep 2014 • 376 reviews • 3 followers

Average Buffet with Some Unique Creations

Having dined at EN Japanese Restaurant (the branch at Coronation Plaza) several years back, I suddenly feel like having it again, just because I recall it had been good. *Celine, *Charliez and I visited the sister outlet, Z'en Japanese Restaurant - blending tranquility with a touch of modernity to create some of Z'en's popular signature dishes.

We started with the Shabu Shabu - with thin slices of Beef that tasted like cheeseburger's patty literally, except a whole lot more tender and fresher. We also threw in the mandatory must-have platter of Vegetables for a balanced meal - and to add some crisp sweetness to the soup. And fine slices of Pork to further sweeten the deal.

We had one fo the unique delicacies here - the Asparagus with Bleu Cheese - we are not fans of blue cheese, but the lightly-infused method worked really well with this sweet vegetable with a stronger hint of "grassy" taste. This was a keeper.

Another specialty of their - crispy Bacon-wrapped Mochi - a beautiful play of textures, the crispy against the sticky chewiness of mochi, of mochi's plainer flavor balancing the bacon's sapid saltiness out. We enjoyed this creation as well.

All in all, the quality of food was so-so (average), with some outstanding and creative items which I'd pointed out specially above. Each of us spent SGD$68.00 (including our SGD$6.00 drinks) - I'd recommend that one comes here for the wide variety of food and never mind the service.

For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to pop by:

01 Aug 2014 • 56 reviews • 1 follower

Great food, Ambience and Location

Read my full review with more pictures

Served great food but of course it is come with a slightly high price. I had a wonderful meal with them. It is still worth it with the great ambience and good location. After that, there are lots of nearby places to chill out. Highly recommend you to try!
21 Jul 2014 • 242 reviews • 1 follower

Quality + Great Value Alacarte Buffet @ Zen on 21Jul2014

See my full reviews & photos at =

bought 2xS$33.80 groupons & went with sis to zen at ue square for ala carte lunch buffet on 21.7.2014. 

normal lunch buffet is priced at S$42++pax. i had also taken their lunch sets starting from S$16++pax (but some years back) & they are pretty good. quality of food & cooking had always been good here.
for the ala carte buffet, the main event was the wagyu shabu shabu. there was also pork & whole array of jap dishes. only set back is the lack of good sashimi other than salmon for the buffet. you could order them as additional ala carte orders & they were at good discounted prices too e.g. what looked liked a very good 10 piece sushi set was going for like S$18. i wouldn’t order that while i was having a alacarte buffet lunch though.
the salmon sashimi was good, probably about chikuwatei & momoya standard. anyway these days many places served good salmon sashimi. the aburi salmon sushi & maguro sushi were both good but the rice was so huge you could not order more w/o leaving the rice. anyway i set aside the rice for later dishes like the kimchi but a & ebi ika basil dish. 
both the broiled oysters & the breaded oysters were good. we did not order additional as could not finish so much food!
also ordered 2 pieces ebi tempura (forgot to take pictures). good too. flour a bit much. we did not add orders.
unlike the sister restaurant en japanese dining bar, they did not serve beef carpaccio, but the wafu steak was really very good, very tender & sweet.
the 2 thai & korean dishes showed the quality of cooking here. kimchi but a was just ok but with lots of pork & belly pork. the basil prawns & squid was very good, the standerd of a good thai restaurant. i kept my rice for these dishes. for the main event wagyu shabu shabu, the beef was excellent. perhaps azmaya was better. hard to tell, but this was very good anyway. 
it came in 1/2 & full portion (200g). we had the full portion for 2pax but could not add more. we also ordered 1/2 portion belly pork. it was just 6 slices & it was very good. we just could not add more.
decided to take 1/2 portion of unagi chahan to share. it was still very large portion & we took about 70%. it was very flavourful with unagi pieces but no better than a good fried rice at imperial treasure or crystal jade lamian xiaolongbao.
also shared a tofu cheese cake & a creme brûlée. both were good. creme brûlée a bit sweeter & we did not finish it.
the normal weekday lunch buffet price is S$42++pax & dinner S$52++pax. still ok i guess if you take a lot of beef. the S$33.80nett groupon deal was of course superb value.

just to add that the service was overall good. not always the most attentive, but very polite friendly when they served you. ice water was free unlike other places (tajimaya does not serve tap water & charges S$5.90 for 1 litre bottled water), so the S$33.80 groupon was all we paid.